I have a complete and utter crush on words. I love words. The written word especially, but word’s will do just fine. Give me a charmer and a looker, and I will no doubt choose the charmer. So over the long weekend, I found myself sitting behind my MacBook Pro googling up a storm on lyrics to my favourite songs. Then once I found them, I’d sing them out with all the emo I had yet to release through my own writing.

Whether the shower or your car is your local of choice, you no doubt bring out the inner rockstar in you from time to time too. If you’re anything like my girlfriends’ it’s when you’re getting ready for a night out. Singing is a great way for us to release whatever it is we are going through. The beauty of singing is even if we don’t have the most on tune tone, we can sing in the privacy of our homes.

What songs are you currently singing?

Here is my current go-to song list:

Undisclosed Desires

The Dog Days Are Over

Mad World


Love the Way You Lie

– Jenny Jen



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