The Webcam Reunion

You Skype (who doesn’t) and while you’re playing away on your computer after a work day catching up on your Perez, and your Facebook and your Twitter home page, you can’t help but scroll down your Skype list to see who’s online. His name sits there, bold as ever, and you resist pressing ‘call’ because what are you even going to say anyways?

But it’s been so long, and – though getting together may be out of the question – this will let you see him in all his full-blown glory. You do the whole ‘I shouldn’t, it’s dangerous/I should, he’s so physically attractive it wouldn’t hurt to see him’ back and forth thing and then before you know it you are dialing him up and his face takes over your computer screen.

Have you used Skype as a way to connect with someone who you wouldn’t even think of calling? I recently did this. It seemed less intimidating than a call. Old school phone calls allow us girls to be us girls, creating a whole story in our head of what he’s doing, where he is, etc. A new school Skype call allows us to see him in his comfort zone, and makes us feel included in whatever it is he’s doing, providing a sense of ease.

I was surprised my call was answered, but it was. And to my surprise this person seemed to be blushing. I felt like we were in the same room all over again. I felt a sense of comfort I could never obtain in just a phone call. The great thing about this is because we were so call, cool and collected (and excited might I add) we decided to make plans to get together. A reunion brought to us by Skype. Go figure.

Sometimes we stop ourselves from calling someone we want to catch up with on the phone. If they don’t pick up we have to worry about leaving a message (sometimes a pre-planned message) sounding awkward, and potentially not being called back which makes us feel even more foolish because we in fact left a rehearsed message. But with the Skype, if the person at the other end doesn’t pick up your call, it’s no big deal. You just close your window and there’s nothing other than a missed call for them to see (if they even know how to check.)

We can’t all have the fairy tale webcam experience I had, but the comfort created over webcam (when felt) can lead to way more than you ever imagined.

– Jenny Jen


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