On This Date Last Year

Anniversary’s. This word isn’t always positive. It isn’t always negative. It reflects a specific date that each year is revisited, signifying whatever it is that occured on that specific date. Wedding, first date, death, big purchase, whatever it is, this date is one that you remember for whatever reason.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s officially October, the begining of a new month, or because I keep hearing everyone boust about their Nuit Blanche plans, but I specifically remember this date last year to a tee (perhaps because the events which take place are so reminiscent of Halloween, people talking for days about Nuit Blanche this and Nuit Blanche that.)

I woke up on this day last year and wanted a change. The first available and least drastic thing to do was to head over and pay Anya, my hair colourist, a visit and change my golden blonde lockes to a deep chocolate cherry hue. Within a few hours I had shed my past woes and felt as though here I was, the new me, ready for a fresh start. With the colour of the dye that washed down the sink, I too left everything behind.

It’s an interesting thing when you have an inner strength from within to start making changes. It’s as if others around you are silently notified, as if your inner confidence radiates. And that it did. I heard from someone on this night, as they wobbled around the city suddenly an art connoisseur, experiencing Nuit Blanche. I was out with close friends, having a drink, wondering if anyone would even recognize me. And out of nowhere, this guy did. We had once dated and for some reason or another, this was the day he expressed his want to get me back.

At the time that I heard from him, I didn’t look at the day as monumental by any means. In fact, if anything, it was the day I spontaneously decided to rid myself of my trademark blonde hair. But now, as I am confronted with this date, I can look back and realize how life changing it was. I can also look back to my memories of that day. The re-birth, the cool in the air, the works, and look at the me sitting here today writing these words, and easily see what has changed since then.

What days stick out in your head that you can recall the happenings for so precisely? What days, a year later, have an effect on you, stopping you in your tracks forcing you to remember what it was and to see now what it signified.

If only we could live our lives in reverse.

– Jenny Jen


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