The Uncertainty Factor

I’m no poker player, and even if I was, I doubt I’d be any good. I’m so uncertain about whether to take risks and put on a poker face, or whether to just play it safe. Risks are exciting. They have an allure. If we take a risk, and get what we want from it, we see it as a successful win. But what happens when take risks, put our cards on the table, and someone else trumps us?

Failure is not a sentiment I’m fond of. In fact I loathe it. And in case you haven’t already caught on blondies, I’m no longer referring to the card game, but instead am referring to the game of the heart. I struggle – as most of us do – with the teeter tottering thoughts around uncertainty.

There is something i’ve termed The Uncertainty Factor, it’s that point where your uncertain about what to do in a certain situation, and that uncertainty alone prolongs your confusion.

Many of us believe that we need reasons to do certain things, looking for a type of logic as an excuse to direct our decisions, but what if something can’t be explained logically? Do we write it off since we can’t defend these actions or do we realize that there are things in life that sometimes don’t make sense, or can’t be explained, such as why we have an overpowering chemistry with a certain person.

We live once. We love. We risk, which in turn allows us to live a fuller life. I say play those cards instead of shuffling the deck. At the end of the day, the uncertain thoughts are a sign that there is thought at all. What answer are you looking for and what makes you think you’ll figure it out on your own if you’re already confused? The only way you will answer The Uncertainty Factor, is by taking the risk, testing it out and assessing it accordingly.

– Jenny Jen


One thought on “The Uncertainty Factor

  1. "but what if something can't be explained logically?"Usually it can be…the person just hasn't dug deep enough to find it yet…or doesn't want to because their self-judgement makes them think the logic/reason behind something is not worth it…logic is easy…not judging yourself…not so much

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