Jenny Jen’s Fashion, Beauty and Relationship Advice

I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Veronika’s Blushing for her ‘Motivational Monday’s’ feature. So instead of bombarding you blondes with heavy hitting reading material (it’s a Monday afterall), I instead invite you to check out the post Veronika put together.

I cover the basics:

– fashion
– beauty
– and some ‘about me’ stuff to help make you and I a little closer (as if sharing my most intimate stories hasn’t already done that)

So, what are you waiting for? Rhetorical questions girls; the link:

And there you have it blondettes. Check back tomorrow for a piece on how wearing our finest lingerie and undergarments (even if we’re just headed to work or the library) effect our mood. Deep, I know.

– Jenny Jen


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