The Why Doesn’t Matter

How many times my dear, have you sat with another blonde, bronzed, twentysomething in your metaphorical lab coats, trying to assess why you did this/felt that? “But why?” you ask her in a whiny, worrisome tone, as you struggle to figure out how you really feel.

Now let me throw on an alternate colour jersey and ask you, why does the why matter?

We spend so much time and energy in our lives trying to figure out things, wanting an inside scoop into our own overworked phsyche’s. It’s not so much about why things are the way they are, but instead accepting that they are the way they are and being aware of that. Awareness is all we need to make proper decisions and to keep moving forward and not looking back.

Are you following? An example you ask? An example you get:

A good-on-paper guy asks you out. You (being a single good-on-paper kind of girl) should be enthused by this opportunity. But instead, you’re just not feeling it. Your friends think you’re fucked for not giving this guy a shot (especially since you’ve been looking left, right and center for the one), but you just don’t feel it. “What’s wrong with me?” you ask your friends, as you compare yourself to this Jerry Seinfeld syndrome of finding an issue with the most minor of things.

At this point darling,you know you’re not interested so why push yourself and try to do this whole self-discovery thing? The why doesn’t matter as so much as the respecting your feelings and your instincts. Even if you find out why you’re not interested in this and that and why you do this or that, it still doesn’t change the situation? It’s as if we are all looking for this light-bulb moment, yet rarely does that happen.

Down to the basics blondie, the heart wants what the heart wants. No need to try to justify situations and actions (or lack thereof) to yourself or others. There isn’t always an answer to the all-so-common questions. Just be and everything else will figure itself out.

– Jenny Jen

One thought on “The Why Doesn’t Matter

  1. I just found your blog today after reading Veronika's post. Love it!! Dude, this post is almost creepy. I was just getting crap last night from my (married) friends about why I don't like this one guy who is perfect on paper. I'm so forwarding this to all of them. So glad I found your blog!

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