Straight to the Point

Imagine a world where everyone said it how it is. He’s just not that into you?, he tells you. He wants to ask you out, is super shy, but asks you out anyways? Right on. Wouldn’t it be so much easier and wouldn’t we have less reason to do the ominous coffee talk with friends (you know where you sit around assuming what he’s thinking and what his communications with you – and lack of communication – really mean?) if the guy you’re caught up with just got straight to the point?

Lately, I feel as though this world isn’t just a projection of my imagination but instead, is my reality. I am in a phase i’d like to call the straight-to-the-point phase. If you’ve seen the film ‘The Invention of Lying‘ (a movie where lying doesn’t exist and everyone says exactly what’s on their minds at all times) then insert myself, and those around me in the cast. Would you be able to cope with taking a shot of your communications with others straight up? Or would you prefer it watered down and on the rocks?

I am a fan of this to-the-point nature. It’s as efficient as can be. A no games, no waiting around, no what-ifing and fantasizing about what he really thinks and how he really, feels kind of nature. It’s a sense of relief to not have to wonder. I have better things to do with my time. Don’t you?

This is what being straight to the point looks like. The straight to the pointee:

– responds to messages instantaneously, not waiting the hard-to-get few hours (when you know all to well that this person holds their phone closer than we hold our fashion sense).

– asks you out upon first meeting you. He doesn’t need to feel you out or creep you on Facebook first. He feels a chemistry and an attraction and makes his mission clear.

– he calls you out. He has no fear. He tells you whats on his mind, challenges whats on your mind and has a no bullshit aura.

If time consumption is your kind of thing, I offer you a dish a bluntness. Take a bite. If you like it, the recipe is listed above and you can feel free to feed it to others.

Bon appétit!

– Jenny Jen


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