People Know Me

There are some people we just know. We know them so well, we are at times convinced we know them better than they know themselves. At times, we have them convinced too. Whether it’s a partner, a friend we grew up with, a family member or an ex, this person is one that – no matter how much time goes by since we last saw them – we still know them deep down to the bone. So, who do you know in all meanings of the word?

I definitely know some people:

A friend I grew up with that – though we only get to see each other once every other month or so – I still feel like I know her so well. Her habits, her very being; I can always advise her in ways that only someone can with this knowledge, as if whatever is happening currently in her life is the epilogue, and i’ve already read the full book, intro et, al.

A partner who I was with for years that – no matter what wall goes up now for self protection purposes – I can see through it as though he’s wearing a glass armour. I know the looks and feel the intensity, the knowingness of looks and sighs acting as a knowledge way above and beyond words.

Someone wise once told me to follow the feet and not the tongue. Essentially, look at peoples actions and not their words. Talk is cheap. We can charm, so therefore, so can others.

Whenever you find yourself perplexed with what is, look at people’s feet. This includes the people you know to the core – who – may look like they’ve changed, but whom you will always know where they stand, despite what their words say. You know this from a level of understanding your once closeness gave you the honour to deserve.

No matter how much you grow apart from someone, or how busy life gets, a part of you will always be connected to this certain someone for better or for worse. It’s really quite wonderful, this aspect of sharing we experience in life; relationships and friendships formed, embraced and then expired. But at the end of the day, this person may know you all the same too and you will always be connected in ‘The Five People You Meet in Heaven‘ kind of way.

– Jenny Jen


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