A Sleepover on a School Night? What a Treat!

An invitation comes in the mail (no, not your email account: I’m talking cold, hard pen pal styles) and you open it up. ‘You’re invited to a slumber party!’ it reads. You’re 10 years old and this excited you then as much as the big reveal during fashion week does now.

When we hear the word ‘sleepover’ these days, we likely picture a bed-buddy of different sorts. The meaning has changed. If we tell a friend we’re having a sleepover in our twentysomethings, our friends automatically assume we are having one with the guy in our life. The only similarity between the pre-tween slumber party and our current slumber parties is that in both we cases we never seem to put the ‘sleep’ in ‘sleep over’.

I’m not too sure when the turning point in sleepovers with friends transformed into sleepovers with boys (whether intentional or non), but I think we should bring back the sleepovers with our besties the same way Elie Tahari just brought back the 70’s style in his Spring 2011 collection.

A friend of mine were chatting the night away as I blogged and she messaged back and forth with a former flame who was trying to re-light her up if you know what I mean. Before we knew it, it was after midnight and we both had to throw our power suits on the following morning and head to work bright and early. “You want to sleepover?” she asked with a ‘how cute is this?’ look on her face. I don’t know if I answered or just fell right asleep right then, right there, but either way it was such a pleasant little surprise.

Though in this scenario it was more so a convenience and exhaustion thing, it was a great alternate to having to drive home late and trek back downtown in what always seems to be rush-hour. So get out your now electronic invite and send it in the way of one of your bff’s. A sleepover on a school or work night seems way more risque now and really rather clever.

Sweet dreams!

– Jenny Jen


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