Ladies, You can Have Him

A friend and I were sitting over our usual brunch, and laughed as we looked back at a time where she wanted the guy I ended up with. As we sunk our teeth into our juicy fruit plates, we too sunk our teeth in some juicy conversation. “Better you than me” she said. I smiled in a way you only can when you’ve reached acceptance. I responded by saying something along the lines of, “at least he’ll be someone else’s problem soon, if I’m lucky.”

“Here’s to her” my friend said as we clicked our champane-filled flutes. I’ll drink to that.

Isn’t it remarkable blondies, how we spend so much time caught up in the idea and emotion of another, that we lose the ability to see why ending things with them was the right decision and furthermore, a good thing? I’m always humored when time breeds the clarity that I wish I had in the first place.

For those of you once head-over-manolo girls out there, I commend you if you have reached a genuine level of acceptance. You are now ridden of the woman scorned or the bitchy breaker-upper (as his friends titled you) shadow that seemed to follow you and you now radiate and angelic and unaffected glow.

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Let’s call today garbage day. Don’t forget to put your’s out at the end of the curb.

– Jenny Jen

3 thoughts on “Ladies, You can Have Him

  1. Personally, I’ll never “scorn” a woman again. Until I meet a better woman, which is difficult, I have standards, and it takes time for me to trust women enough to give them my time, she needs to prove things to me, without being asked, that show me she actually cares without even trying or realizing what she’s doing, and those women are out there, they really are. Like for example, I slip on ice and land hard, and out of the corner of my eye, she’s further from me than a few other people, her, and only her initial split second reaction is to forget what she should be doing to run towards me, even if only for a few for a few steps, because I’m already getting up instantly, because that’s just the way I am. I don’t like being down and out <<< That's real. BUT when I do care enough about a woman, and she decides she's leaving for whatever reason, It might not even be about me, there were times I've behaved like an idiot, not wanting to let them go, and it destroys anything good, or any POSSIBLE future hope of anything after. I've nuked things so bad before. Now, if she wants or needs to leave, the best thing to do is first of all be really good to her until it's really over, so that's what she remembers, and secondly, let her go. There's nothing you can do, but get on with your life, you don't have to go looking for anything, you can chill out and stumble onto things, while you hold onto the fact that she cares about you at some level, but you have to wait for her, and there's a good chance she will not come back. I'll never "scorn" another woman I "love". That's just me though. It's that little bit of hope I always carry that she'll miss me and get her butt back here.

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