What are you wearing?

How many times have you asked one of your friends what she’s wearing before meeting up with her?

Back in the day, coordinating outfits was a thing that seemed to represent a type of “cool” and sense of inclusion. My little clique and I would conference call each other and coordinate matching outfits. Overall day (yes, really), Roots pull-over sweatshirt day (you know it).

Insert image of Wednesday pink day from the movie Mean Girls (don’t mind if I do) where each girl in Lindsay Lohan’s clique is meant to wear pink on Wednesdays (if someone forego’s the pink attire on said day, they are forbidden to sit with the rest of the crew. Suck on that.)

Well these days, showing up to a party in the same dress or outfit as someone else is a sign that you’re not as unique as you think. It’s a sign of humility, because let’s face it, many of us spend time putting ourselves together to look good, preparing for an event, and our outfit seems to be downgraded when there are two of them in one room (no matter how big or small).

So, have you ever showed up to a party where someone was wearing the same outfit as you? That bitch! As you start thinking about ways to trek home to get a change of clothes, and comparing yourself to her as you wonder who looks better (you, obviously) the fact is is that defeat overcomes you. You automatically hate her. She likely feels the same way. You both feel deflated as all hell, and you then thank your lucky stars that you’re just another girl from the city and maybe no one will notice.

Asking our fellow blondette’s what they are wearing before we head out is two-fold. We:

a) want to ensure we are dressed in a similar style. So for eg: if she’s dressing casual, you too will want to lay-low fashion wise however, if she’s decked to the nines, you too will likely want to follow suit.

b) don’t want to show up in the same (or similar) outfit.

There’s no getting out of a messy ‘omg-some-bitch-is-wearing-the-exact-same-thing-as-me’ situation other than leaving the event or adding ‘confidence’ as your key accessory.

– Jenny Jen


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