The Upside of a Phone That’s Down

For those of you who are addicted to your BlackBerry’s and iPhones alike, it is very clear that when there’s an issue with said device, that your life goes array. You either can’t connect to your friends, or they can’t connect to you and a game of broken telephone (mind the pun) occurs. They think you are ignoring them, you think they are ignoring you and egos overrule all, putting your friendship and texting/bbm-ing/calling to a stalemate.

Welcome to my world. It has officially been (yes I’m keeping track) one month and one day since my BlackBerry went into this bizarre phase of not receiving incoming texts, phone calls and bbm’s at sporadic (yes, I learned this word in Clueless) times. I was at an afternoon engagement today when my cousin made the suggestion for me to shut off my phone altogether, after admitting that this whole ‘phone issue’ business is making me look like a cold-hearted bitch.

Now of course she’s right, and perhaps my hair colour prevented me from making this realization, like, a month ago, however that’s neither here nor there. I instead am sort of humbled that these phone issues has become a constant, since they allow me to appear like I have a sense of control. Instead of having to send a pity-text back to someone I probably shouldn’t have given my number to in the first place, or instead of having to see my ex’s weak moments of reaching out, I can just keep on keeping on while not be effected.

So the question that begs to be asked is when our phones suddenly fail us and we don’t even know people are trying to contact us, is it a blessing in disguise? Should we close our eyes and wish for the messages that we don’t want to receive to magically just not come through?

I do genuinely believe that things happen for a reason and I must say that the phone issue couldn’t have emerged at a better time in some regards. Since I have a land line and a working email address and Facebook account, I know that if someone truly wanted to reach me, that they can in fact still do that. It’s interesting to see what methods people use and show’s a sense of how far they’d go.

The down side is the obvious; someone trying to text me to see me again, thinks I got the message and am ignoring them and then tries a few more times to no avail and gives up. Other down sides (in no particular order):

I lost an opportunity to get a place I had my eyes on for a while. I may have lost freelancing opportunities or even follow up dates, but what I did not lose my friends, is my dignity.

At the end of the day, if you really want to get a hold of someone, it is entirely possible to do just that with all of these technological methods. The upside of my phone being down ultimately, is it wiends out the people who genuinely want to reach me from those who do not, and also acts as a great excuse for what – under non broken phone circumstances – could have been a bruised ego.

Time to smash up your phone?

– Jenny Jen

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