Jenny Jen uses her Creativity

Though I blog about this and that and you come here to either nod along and get some type of relationship advice or to feel like you aren’t the only twentysomething out there going through this and that, I also do – what I like to call – creative writing. Below is a piece of my writing, which is titled: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

Though each word to me has meaning and is quite intimate, I invite you to relate it to your own life and situations. Would also love some feedback and analogies if you’d be so kind. Enjoy!…

To taste in this moment
To spill out when gone bad
The bitter taste fills
I know all too well
The sweet, smooth, warmth has come and gone

That familiar feeling
The love buzz
I close my eyes to remember
I wake up to forget

A lesson learned
Forgotten and reminded
All too well, when only lovestoned
High on the emptiness
On the imaginative next step

Words, words, words
Disengage, enrage
A knowingness worth forgetting
Reminded right on cue
Renewed strength halfway
Meet there but a fantasy
Like them all
With you

as the bottle nears its end
I spit out the last sip
Left with the bitter after taste
As I subtly clean the shattered heart shaped bottle off the floor, before someone else notices

And I commence what wasn’t ever held
Discretly covering up what wasn’t ever acknowledged
A distant longing pushed away
Until it’s time to reuse, as the heart beats out-of-control, when alls been forgotten and missed.
Connected, associated, as one
Zeroing in on the truths unknown

Unsettled, untouched
To try is to step back in all meanings of the world
To lie is to step back, its obvious, like black
A JoKer played when expected doesn’t take away the blow

– Jenny Jen

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