Too Soon?

You head out on an evening out with a boy and the night starts to draw to an end. You wonder if he’s going to lean in for the kill, promise yourself that – though you want to – you will hold off and not initiate the first move, and wonder what the right thing to do is even though you are dead certain you’d love nothing more than to rip his pants off. Aggressive, I know.

So instead, you sit there, your passive, prissy-controlled self and let out a meek ‘please kiss me’ smile before you exit his car. He reads the all-to-obvious signs and before you know it you’re on his bed. Your instincts – dressed in an all white ensemble with a halo on the top – are screaming at you to get out of there and call it a night – but your libido – dressed in a passionate red hue – is whispering to stay and play. What do you do?

After speaking to a male friend of mine, the advice is – if you want to see him again – to be an angel and call it a night. It turns out those tales of men liking a challenge are in fact, true. “When you give it up so soon, he knows he can get it. Chances are he won’t call you until he wants it again.” If the night has gone well and you both seem to be on the same level, it’s best to stop on a high note (like the hit TV show Friends).

There’s no need to rush anything when starting something fresh with your new guy. If things are meant to be, then you’ll have lots of opportunities in the future to partake in these rolls’ in the hay.

So be decisive. Say good night with certainty and pat yourself on the back for being a mature, in control, twentysomething. You can be sure you’ll be getting pats elsewhere in the near future, sweet thang.

– Jenny Jen


One thought on “Too Soon?

  1. Just came across your blog and read a few posts and love it! I’ve just started (it’s a work in progress for sure) a new blog about being a singleton in my 30s. Would love to follow you and hope you do the same! You can find me at:AmericanBridget@blogspot.comRegards,Ryan

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