The Waiting Game

Sometimes, I leave my phone on silent and spend my day oblivious to the messages, calls and emails that come through. This isn’t the norm, but I definitely do it on occasion (part of my anti-being so accessible phase). However, there are other times where I hold onto my beloved BlackBerry for dear life, heart rate and breathing quickening with every sound that comes through my phone. I like to call these sounds ‘triggers’ in the waiting game. The waiting game is the aptly titled event that takes place after we meet a new guy, where we sit around wondering everything there is to wonder. The waiting game leaves the most confident and secure blonde, bronzed, twentysomething coming up with the most insecure thoughts.

Typical thoughts include (but aren’t limited to):

– does he like me?

– does he want to see me again?

– maybe he’s just not that into me?

– when is he going to call me?

– did I make a good impression?

We go over in our heads our first interaction, scanning to find a misstep in our communication. For every good thing we think of (well, he did ask for my number), we in turn think of two negatives. Ok, three. Ok, ongoing until we hear from him. So it’s no wonder that with every sound coming through our phones, we think it’s him/we hope it’s him.

What are the craziest things you’ve told yourself while waiting to hear from him? How long do you wait to hear from him before he becomes a write off?

Instead of being a slave to your phone and avoiding showering for fear that he’ll call you whilst you’re in the shower, I have a better idea: Keep on doing what you do. Easier said than done, I know, but you managed your way into your twentysomethings without him, so you can continue on without him. If you hear from prince charming, congrats! It will just be a bonus in your day. But if you’re too strung out on the ‘is it him’ thing, it can end up ruining your day and you my friend deserve the best.

– Jenny Jen

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