I See it All, I See it All

“I feel it all, I feel it all,” Fiest chimes in as she sings her catchy tune of the same title. I sing along, finally able to belt it out in a way that you only can when you are reciting lyric’s that ring true to you. I find it so remarkable how much time we spend trying to figure things out and trying to make sense of everything to no avail. Then one day (seemingly out of nowhere) it comes to us in a sort of ‘aha!’ moment. Whether it’s looking back at the past and past experiences, whether it’s looking into the present and why things are the way they are, or whether it’s finally understanding your projections for the future, it is a moment of clarity where you just know. Alas.

It’s as if we are all stubborn blondes, so set in our ways and ways of thinking, that we don’t even give ourselves a break. We are so concerned with analyzing and trying to figure things out so we can gain an understanding, yet an understanding always seems to come when we step away and let go.

A close friend of mine always says “It’s the three t’s in life: Things Take Time,” and I can use his wise saying in reference to various areas and issues. Despite this, I always grow frustrated when I go to him (reciting a monologue of whatever the ‘it’ topic or issue is on my mind) and then get that response. Things take time? That’s all you have to say, buddy? That’s so not what I want to hear. We live in a world of immediacy where we want everything to happen right now (or even a minute ago if thats humanly possible). Telling me whatever it is will take time seems so cliche. The unfortunite part however, is that it is true.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a situation where you want clarity in that moment, and grow frustrated with the other person (as well as yourself) when you just can’t seem to reach it? Perhaps you stay on overly-extended phone calls, talking in circles because you just ‘don’t get it’. Now put that same hand down if – overtime – you saw the situation for what it was? I always say “Time breeds clarity,” and I deeply believe that. Once you step away from a situation, whatever that situation might be, you stop trying to figure things out to protect your emotions or yourself, and you start just letting it come to you in time.

Our twentysomethings raise a lot of challenges, and though we may struggle with them in the moment, as time passes and everything ‘clicks’ for us, a sense of relief comes. With this relief, comes an inner strength and comfort that makes it all worth it.

– Jenny Jen


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