Blondes that Belly Dance

I remember seeing a Sex and the City episode where the crew goes to a belly dancing restaurant to celebrate Carrie’s birthday. Basically, they eat a meal of food in a morrocan-decorated resto as they watch belly dancers perform, and are even invited to join in on the fun. I watched that episode in awe, and silently wished that places like that would exist. Low and behold, they do.

Last night, a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething and I made our way to a restaurant in Toronto called The Sultan’s Tent. With one drink already in us by the time we were seated, we were taken to a magical place (albeit, not via a magic carpet.) The belly dancers came out and shook what their mama’s gave them, while my friend and I stared, somewhat in complete and utter fascination, and somewhat in complete and utter envy, as they moved to each and every beat, their coined belts creating a beat of there own.

I entertained the idea of going up to dance with one of the belly dancers, but I knew I wanted another drink in me first (you know how it is, we’re all mortal until the second glass of wine!) The belly dancer however, had different plans for me. After putting a coined belt over mine and my friends chair, we knew it was go time. Without much hesitation, we both got out of our seats, strapped on the bedazzled belt and followed the words and body language of the dancer-gone-instructor.

Coordination was at first choppy, but then I got into it and didn’t want to stop. Oblivious to the flashing cameras and the main course waiting for me on the table, I kept on keeping on, taken away to another place where confidence, happiness and energy prevailed.

Dining entertainment experiences are a great way to bond with friends. No need for an occasion; grab your besties together, google belly dancing restaurants in your area and get ready to pull a Jasmine. Who knows, you may even find your Aladdin at an alternate table.

Shake it, bitches!

– Jenny Jen


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