Singing in the Shower

I have an array of upcoming summer concert’s I couldn’t be any more excited for if I tried and the fun thing is, they’re all commencing over a two week period. So as I anticipate these concerts, my iTune’s have been circling on endless repetition of the five or so artists, so I can familiarize myself with the lyrics at large.

I am a pro with the lyrics for the singles – a feat that’s a given when songs are played over and over – the words sinking in to my memory the same way they do to my heart. But there are other songs that I seem to only be able to hum to, mumbling along with the chorus I wish I knew, but so obviously don’t. And knowing that I want to show my musical prowess at the shows, I know I need to get on the ball and learn the words stat, because pretending I do just isn’t quite as smooth.

Singing at concerts is like singing in the shower, only better. The live show experience with the loud sounds from the instruments and voice vibrating through your body, gives an undeniable buzz of excitement. You and fellow-fans are invited to take in the concert and harmonize (or try to at least) with the lead singer, as if just for a night, your dream has come true as you envision yourself on the stage, or maybe even get a wink from someone in the band.

How do you learn the words to songs? Do you play them non-stop and they somehow manage to sink in? Or do you look up the lyric’s on the internet, reading them to ensure you’re hearing the right words, and then continuing to read them over and over until you get them all down pact? I do the latter in the privacy of my apartment. I play the song and sing along, because there’s nothing as embarrassing as a blonde belting out the wrong words (yes, on a number of time’s I’ve been corrected for singing blatantly wrong lyrics).

And it seems to work like a charm, because when the day of all days arrives, I’m the one in the crowd, confident-as-all-hell, singing along and not chocking over the artists words.

– Jenny Jen


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