Switching Date Partner’s

I go for brunch, I people watch. I go for fro yo, I people watch. I sit at the dinner table, and I – you guessed it – people watch. And what fun it is to do on long weekends, when people are out on dates, out with friends, enjoying this blessing of the fake Sunday, knowing they don’t need to end their nights early. There’s a sense of calm and cool in the air.

So as I picked at my plate and let my hazel-hued-eyes gaze across the patio of a new hot spot resto in the city, I couldn’t help but notice a table of four twentysomethings: two girls, two guys. I played like the Triplehorn’s and made my own story as to what I thought their deal was.

When the girls arrived and sat next to the awaiting men (who were sitting diagonal) I assumed based on how they greeted the gentlemen that they were with the person they each chose to sit next to. As the meal ensued however, they were sharing their aptly titled ‘tasting plates’ with the guy across from them, which is confusing because both guys had their arm around the girl to their side. It took some time, but I realized what happened. They swapped dates. How tasty.

Have you ever gone on a date with another couple and realized that you connect way more with your friend’s other half than your own? Now I’m not referring to those of you in relationships, just those of you casual daters, who – a simple swap – wouldn’t much affect?

Perhaps I was able to concoct this story about the foursome, because I too was in that position once upon a time. In the least sleazy way possible, I was out with a fellow twentysomething femme fatale; she was there to meet the new guy in my life and since she too is single, new guy brought a friend for her. How polite.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we swapped dates,” she asked as we sipped a glass of red on my balcony before heading off to meet the awaiting gentleman. I laughed out loud when my friend said this, but more so in a nervous laughter kind of way, because I had the same thought.

Nothing had really happened yet with this new guy, and me and when he mentioned which friend that he was bringing, my stomach sorta dropped because I knew friend boy was cute as hell. Which is convenient because before said date, new boy joked that his buddy had a crush on me. I kept silent. But my friend saying the same thing before we left made me think perhaps she had a crush on new boy and we both foresaw the inevitable. Gotta love intuition.

It wasn’t long into the date that we established that they too entertained this idea of the switch. “I wake up at 6 a.m. every morning without fail,” new guy boasted as I swallowed hard. This because I know my friend too is an early riser and I’m anything but. His buddy said he loves a good sleep in, which I said in sync at the same time. One of the four of us made a much-needed this-is-one-of-those-jokes-where-i-pretend-I’m-joking-but-am-fully-serious kind of jokes and we all laughed as we all eyed one another knowing the truth behind the statement.

Summer is a time where experimenting is often encouraged; and that it was. So as I finished up my meal, I took my confidence for a walk and passed the question to the daters, just to see if I was right – if they too were on a date gone right where they swapped partners. All four of them eyed each other in a way you only can when busted in those circumstances, and I smiled to myself knowing that I wasn’t the only creep who has swapped dates.

– Jenny Jen


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