Yoga Makes your Hair Grow Blonder

Ok, fine. Maybe yoga doesn’t really make your hair grow blonder, but I sure caught your attention there, didn’t I you little summer-lovin-sister you? After a day behind the computer working your workhorse-self away at the office, nothing does you better than a trip to a yoga studio near you. And if you haven’t been a part of this phenomena yet, then read ahead, because just last week, I was you. And now? A changed, young soul.

A friend of mine was insistent that I take the plunge into the yoga pool, so I forced myself to buy a yoga mat thinking ‘if I have a mat, I’m sure the practice will follow suit.’ And that it has. I have been doing classes day in and day out, practically eating, drinking and breathing the sport. With each class comes a sense of strength, flexibility and satisfaction. Not just physically, but mentally as well. During the duration of the class my mind is focussed on myself and my limits. It’s a time to take in the present and just be.

Most yoga studios offer a package, whether it be weekly, monthly or a certain number of courses, allowing you to make a bit of financial commitment, which in turn ends up being a practicing commitment on your end. Like me purchasing the mat in advance and then following suit with the practice, such is the case with purchasing lessons in advance. So if you need the extra push to shake your little booty straight from the office to the yoga studio (and not to your home to re-heat leftovers and watch The Bachelorette) then this will do the trick.

The other great thing about yoga is you have the opportunity to not only challenge yourself, but to also bring your bestie along for the unlimited number of poses and stretches, which you can complain and/or pat each other on the back about later.

Happy Yoga-ing girlies!

– Jenny Jen


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