Saving Texts and/or Convo History

If anyone get’s through the Fort Knocks that is my phone, they would find a unique trail of text messages that begin in 2007 and end in…well, they’re up to date (thank you iPhoners!) I was doing some ‘spring cleaning’ yesterday in my beloved BlackBerry and after observing the messages I’ve saved along the way, I couldn’t help but wonder, what other chickita’s out there hang on to text’s that have come and gone? Furthermore, why?

BlackBerry’s offer users an option to automatically delete messages after a certain point (one week, one month, etc,) yet many of us forego that option so we can hold near and dear specific texts. Not only can we keep them, but we can press the ‘save’ key and to store these pieces of history for life, as sacred as they are. Thus giving us an open invitation to re-read this little textsation to our hearts delight. But what causes us to press save?

We press save when texts make us:

– feel good about ourselves (an easy ego boost..i’ll take it – again, and again and oh – again.)

– feel perplexed: we keep the mysterious message in ‘prep mode’ to show it to everyone and anyone who will read it, to try to ‘decode’ what this message means (ie: us girls and our over-analytical minds.)

– laugh: why is this person messaging me and why are they messaging me THIS? Like a comedian holds their jokes close to their heart, we keep this text close to ours. It acts as a text book guide (or piece of evidence if you will) when we bring this joke-of-a-text up in story.

– want to plagiarize: let’s face it, some people give good text. I know I have without a doubt used a great one-liner I read from an incoming text and have used it on another down the road. Shame free too. The save key allows me to make sure I pull off the witty-one-liner just as smooth as the original.

– smile from the inside: we have a heart, and boy does it ever beat. We often save texts from a certain someone who we have feelings of awe towards. Whether it’s a new boy in our life (OMG!!!!! He texted me!), or a long-term flame (‘Just a reminder, love you babe’) these messages make that pitter-patter in our chest and allow butterflies to dance their dance in our stomach).

What text’s you shouldn’t hold onto:

– random ‘hey’s’, ‘what ups’ and ‘where you at tonights’: you’re just wasting valuable, valuable memory space my friends (and also wasting your time by having to scroll, and scroll, and scroll until you get to the message your looking for.)

– ex texts: no explanation needed.

– late night texts: read ’em then delete ’em. That’s the general rule of thumb. Your phone shouldn’t replicate a cheap, Harlequin romance novel.

– Jenny Jen


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