What team do you cheer for?

Ok we’re girly girls. I get it, maybe sports isn’t really our thing (per se) but if you don’t know the World Cup is going on, you’re living under a rock mama. The games began back in June and it was then that us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings had to put our game face on, so we could not only hop on the bandwagon and feel the force of team spirit, but so we can also keep our men’s attention during the whirlwind of the upcoming month. There was a point in time, when we had to make a game time decision about which team we were going to cheer for (which wasn’t the most simple feat for most of us considering we’ve never seen a soccer game…ever.) So I know how I made my decision on which team to root for (Netherlands), but how did you decide?

I was chatting with a girlfriend today. I admitted that I’m cheering for the ‘orange team’ because of a boy and she admitted that she was originally cheering for France because of a little Eiffel tower necklace she owns. I nearly choked from laughter. “So you’re telling me, you’re cheering for France because you have a cute Eiffel Tower neclace?” She responded with a smile and we both had a laugh. Once France was out of the picture, she decided to switch her cheers to Portugal’s direction – her reasoning this time – since she had more than just a love affair with just the country last summer. Yup, that’s how us girls pick a team. Impressive? Not so much. Honest? You betcha.

I’ve put together a list of the typical ways women decide which team to cheer for, let’s see if i’ve pegged you:

– you asked your boy which team he’s rooting for and it was as easy as that.

– you looked at the team colours and chose the one that colour coordinated with your wardrobe.

– you decided to root for the team from a country you’ve recently travelled to and have fond memories of, or furthermore is your actual homeland.

– you stalked some online team rosters hunting for the hottest ball-kicking men, and decided to go with the team with the hunkiest of players. Nothing like watching a pretty face sweat it out for a month straight.

How did you decide which team to cheer for? Do you have some deep, backstory-type of connection to a certain team, or are you like most of us girly-girls, choosing what fits our needs best?

Go orange team go!

– Jenny Jen


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