The Concert Buddy

Summertime and the living is easy. There are a plethora of things to be done, and the hottest thing on most twentysomethings agendas is concert going. For a small fee, we are swept away by our favourite musicians and taken into another world. A world where nothing else matters but the band, the lyrics, the sound, the playlist and that fulfilling feeling we get while watching a live show. Oh and the hope that the band will play our favourite song (and tapping our buddies once they do with childlike excitement; ‘OMG they played my song!!!!!!’ we say multiple times in chant-like fashion.)

I’ve been to a number of concerts with a number of friends, but I always seem to have the best time with one friend in particular. He is my concert buddy through thick and through thin, and we are always each others’ number one choice before we decide to go to a specific show.

What makes a good concert buddy?

– Someone you can be yourself with: You allow your pretty-little-self to belt out tunes at the top off your off-track-lungs and sing like no one is listening (which they aren’t, because they are there to listen to the musician) and dance like no one is watching (ok, people are watching because its funny to see strangers shake it and lose their &^$* to tunes, but your concert bestie needs to be on par and down to get their hands wet too.)

– Someone who is there for the music, not the scene: Sure, the environment at the show makes the performance what it is and the energy of the concertgoers combined sets a tone, but if you are a music lover, this is your one chance to escape into the music. Don’t get me wrong, I love running into familiar faces when at a concert, but I don’t go out of my way to visit my friends seats when I can see them any day of the week.

Someone who likes to take pictures, a lot: Let’s be honest here girlies, we are in a day in age where pictures not only help us remember the night (or days) events, but they allow us to share our experience with others after-the-fact. Many of us instantly upload images (thanks to Facebook mobile) directly on our Facebook profiles. It’s best to pair up with a concert buddy who is on the same picture-taking level as you. If you’re a click-happy chickida, find someone who is gaga for unlimited photos as well. Camera shy? Find a friend who could care less.

Happy concert-going ladies!

– Jenny Jen

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