What are you looking for?

I met someone today in a Starbucks up in the suburbs. It was one of those ‘is this seat taken?’ situations when a person lucks out and gets a table with the ever on-demand couch seats. Sometimes I seek these seats knowing I’ll meet someone. The things I do for good material.

Throughout the course of my Starbucks visits during my twentysomethings, I’ve met many people this way. The downfall of the banter with a stranger sitting across from you is – if it gets creepy or awkward – you are forced to give up your beloved seat, and venture home (or to another Starbucks) early. However, there is always an out. But today, it wasn’t deemed necessary.

The person and I started chatting when I asked to view his book. I read the title and mistakingly thought the title was align with what was on my mind (overreacting) however once I started looking at it I realized the title was about overeating. Isn’t it funny how we perceive things in ways that we want it to relate to ourselves? In any case, we started chatting and got on the topic of ‘Which Starbucks location is your favourite Starbucks location?, and furthermore, ‘What things determine which Starbucks location you’re going to visit?’

We are both self-proclaimed Starbucks junkies. I go to certain locations for a variety of things including privacy, atmosphere, running into people, feeling at home, the baristas, etc. I have been to a plethora of Starbucks locations and though the drinks are the same, the layout and environment are more opposite than they can get.

There is a Starbucks up by my dad’s place that I go to. Growing up in the area, the baristas there are familiar with me and my blog. I always get a home-sweet-home kind of feel when I travel there.

What determines the location you visit? Is it sheer proximity, or are you like me, a Starbucks explorer, wanting to get a certain fix other than the caffeine?

– Jenny Jen


One thought on “What are you looking for?

  1. I usually go to whichever ones are closest…but when it comes to wanting to stay while to chat with a friend, there are two locations that are my faves for this 🙂

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