Mid-Twentysomething Life Crisis

Where did the days go where we’d sit and gossip about fashion, men and wild nights? Were those types of talks a thing of our early twentysomething past? Or will they still be in sight for our mid-twentysomething future? They say our twentysomethings are a time to learn about ourselves; a time in which we make mistakes, learn from them and use those lessons to pave our way for a calm, smooth-sailing kind of future. Well, I have my nautical themed outfit on and am sailing on by, but I can’t help but wonder where are the waves in the calm?

A girlfriend of mine who always was the epitome of fierce and ferocious just left my side after an hour long chat. The now brunette darling and I sat over virgin cocktails (I know), discussing our fields of work. Advertising for her, Fashion PR for me. No ‘what’s going on with the man in your life?’ questions came up, nor did they even come to mind (dare I admit). We didn’t discuss the new trendy condo buildings we both moved into, nor did we chat about the latest in-the-know restaurants we’ve both been frequenting on our own time. Instead, there we sat, shirts buttoned up to the collar (so to say) talking interviews and resumes and future job goals to our hearts delight. Beyonce would be so proud. Now the independent woman thing is all well and good. We both savoured a sense of motivation from each other. Could this be the start of times where the focus and priorities of what once was has changed?

Each age group has a thing they focus on, a thing that their conversations dance around. For my tween cousin it’s the chance to drink/fake IDs/boys and curfew. For my thirtysomething sister, it’s babies/trendy childrens names/latest and greatest products on the market for – you guessed it – kids. For us twentysomethings it goes from the unknown/uncertainty/questionable from everything from men – careers and flourishes to our mid-twentysomethings where we peak at the tangibles/observing where we are at and basking in it.

Connect the dots to what your convo’s consist of now, to what they were last year, five years ago, etc. Growing up isn’t such a rough and tumble process after all.

– Jenny Jen

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