Pre-Game Nookie

It’s the night before a big game, a big exam, or a big day where you need to be focused and on par. Leading up to whatever the big thing is, you think about what you’re going to do to get in gear. For playoff games, basketball players often have a strict guideline of pre-game preparation. After practicing their brains out, they plan their ‘last supper’ so to say. Us study bugs do the same before a big exam. Once we close our books, after we’ve studied our brains out, we need to decide what will get us at our sharpest. I’ve always been humored by the debate and questions athletes are asked regarding pre-game nookie. Do you or don’t you have sex the night before a big game?

Since playoff season is upon us, I’ve recently read this question reported by way too many journalists. Everyone from the players to the coaches are asked what they think is the best ‘call of action.’ Will having sex wear the players out and distract their mind the next day on the court, ice or field? Or alternatively, will having sex the night before a game release stress and be just what the player needs to focus on the game?

Well most of us aren’t dating high-profile athletes, but many of us have dated athletes as well as students, and we’ve had to make this crucial decision. Life is tough, isn’t it?

So, are you for or against pre-game nookie?


Your blonde counterpart is Kate Hudson. When A-Rod was in the playoffs last summer doing his Yankee thing, he was dating Kate Hudson, who made appearances at almost all of his games following him city to city. Yankee fans called her A-Rod’s good luck charm (the charm in the bedroom likely being the culprit of putting his on-the-diamond time at ease.)

You’re likely a free spirit who just wants to keep things natural. If you would normally have sex and it seems natural, you go with the flow. You’re not doing it to make a point or ensure better performance, you’re doing it because you don’t want to jinx the norm. Go get ’em tiger!


Your blonde couterpart is Jessica Simpson. When Tony Romo was in the playoffs a couple years back, people gave him flack for not just being a Cowboy on the field, but for being a cowboy in the bedroom as well. His poor performance was said to be the result of his concentration on then girlfriend Jessica Simpson. When the Dallas Cowboys lost in the playoffs, fans of the team (as well as reporters) labeled the big-busted blonde the cause for the loss.

Niether here nor There:

Your counterpart is bronzed, twentysomething Khloe Kardashian. Lamar Odom just played a successful Game 1 in the NBA finals and his wife Khloe was there with her family supporting her man, however, she’s confirmed that she won’t be with him in Boston for games 3 and 4. Here’s a lady with balance, with a guy who likely gets his on-court mojo from more than just pre-game nookie. You don’t need the deed to get you in the right place, but you aren’t against it either. You use your discretion.

– Jenny Jen


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