Putting the Bronzed in Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething

Hey there my little sun goddesses . Yes you. You’re the one strutting your stuff down the street in this seasons hottest cut-off-jean-shorts trend, with a tube top (to avoid the dreaded tan lines) to boot. You’re that girl wearing next to nothing, sitting on a patio with a pitcher of sangria, the sun being your vice (and not the third cup you’re taking back.) You’re the one rolling your eyes at the thirtysomething women covered up in their big-rimmed hats and even bigger rimmed designer shades. And I am a ‘you’ too, lest we not forget. Here I sit, bikini clad on my rooftop patio, typing away on my MacBook, wondering what I can do to get the tanning oil from inevitably staining my keyboard.

Summer is here and instead of wishing it were here to stay, its time we bask in it enjoying each moment, with safety first (followed by looks) of course.

The typical ‘safe sun’ articles will start to pour into our newspapers and fave monthly mags (Cosmo for me) breeding nothing new of the play-it-safe advice: Hydrate lots, wear sunscreen, don’t go out in the sun during peak hours (1pm – 4pm) blah, blah, blah. Now although we are told, reminded and then told again to do all these things when the sun is ‘a shining, the clichéd articles are like an old wives tale that we choose to ignore or flip past, as though we are above the advice of professionals. And honey, we’re good, but not that good.

But I hear you and I’m ready to blonde the tips down for you, to suit what you want to hear, and what you kinda, sorta, have to hear too. Here is what they don’t teach you and preach, and I will give it to you straight. You ready? Cheers:


Hydrate in fashion. Who says taking back the recommended daily intake of water has to be a chore? Get a 12 pack of San Pellogrino 750mL bottles and take it back with class. Add lemon or lime to taste to make the water go down smoothly.

Cut up that watermelon. Not only is it in season, but if you cut up half a melon and throw it in a Tupperware, it will always be on call when you are heading to your patio. It’s an easy way to stay hydrated, without it being forced.

Drinking During the Day

A weekend by the pool or up at a cottage often leads to the usual suspects of alcoholic summer beverages being served: Caesars, sangria, daiquiris and endless bottles of Corona’s seem to always be on tap and always flowing. I have a friend who is the definition of a party girl. Her motto of never getting sick or hungover is “to drink water bottles back on repeat” before going to a pool party. We’ve all heard expert’s advice to have one drink of water after every alcoholic beverage, and for the daytime it should be double that since we are lounging in the sun like our sun-goddess-selves. But let’s face it; no one wants to lose their daytime buzz, since it is so few and far between. My party girl girlfriend may be on to something, so take her tip and prepare yourself. There’s nothing like going to a pool party and being so viciously dehydrated and sick only to miss out on the fun around you and also have to pay for it later.

Everything in Moderation

We are told this taunting one-liner in regards to dieting, working out, dating men, and practically every other issue in our twentysomething lives. But what is moderation and how realistic is it that we stick to it? Follow your gut and trust your instincts. If you feel a certain part of your body heating up, listen to it. I’m not saying you have to run for cover, but have some cover up props on call. My favourite is a thin linen scarf in a light colour. If you start to feel your shoulders burn, wrap it around them. Are your feet getting steamy? Throw the scarf over your toes. It’s all fun and games until someone gets sunstroke.

Here are images of five of the most talked celebrities en route to bronze town:

Happy tanning!

– Jenny Jen


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