We’ve been trained as city girls that taking care of our bodies is important. Some women slack in the winter, but once the sun comes out and the outfits we wear get tinier and tinier, we realize it’s about that time and that we can’t put it off.

Waxing, shaving, electrolysis, laser treatments, whatever you do, if you haven’t already done it, now’s the time. If you think no one is looking, I’m sorry to be the barer of bad news, but they are. During one poolside stay at the Shore Club in South Beach I saw everything from hair coming out of a woman’s bikini bottoms, to underarm hair making an appearance at a volleyball tournament. Or should I say torment. We are ladies and as a lady we must remove the hair, or at least trim or wax within reason, to maintain a cleaner look. The minutes of pain are worth the confidence that comes with it not being there and the clean, light feeling.

For women it’s quite easy and acceptable to remove hair everywhere, but men who do so are often given a bad rap, even though manscaping has become quite common. This once taboo idea is now one I’ve been hearing everywhere lately. So what are your thoughts on men with everything from chest hair, to back hair to, well, hair down there? Love it or leave it?

Most men who have hair in these places have played around with the idea of removing it. They have fantasized about it and place their head on a hairless body and think it will be the answer to their insecure prayers. But they often leave it at but a thought, and fail to actually play out their hair removal fantasies for the following reasons:

– they fear the pain of waxing. Let’s face it; Steve Carrells character in ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ didn’t do us any favours. That waxing scene haunts our men’s dreams (or should I say nightmares)
– they are worried about it growing back and then tell themselves it’s going to grow back anyways, so why bother? And what if it grows back even hairier and darker?
– They are worried their buddies will make fun of them. Hair removal is looked upon as a feminine thing to do and they fear being called names and heckled by their friends for being a girl, a pansy or a meterosexual
– They are worried about getting a rash or bad reaction, only making it worse
– They aren’t willing to spend the money on the upkeep so why bother in the first place?
– They are worried who they will run into at the waxing place (once again, this idea of embarrassment and femininity that’s associated with it)
– They’ve tried shaving once and couldn’t put up with the incoming stubble

The Truth about Manscaping

– our men wont have chest hair coming out of their shirt
– they won’t be self conscious about taking off their shirt
– the size down there appears drastically larger without hair
– it’s easier for us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings to rub on sunscreen on our mans backs without it getting caught in a hunk of hair
– no awkward, pull hair out of mouth moments to kill the mood
– it looks clean, feels clean

Manning Up

I have guy friends who wax with pride. Instead of being closet waxers, they talk about it, brag about it and own it. They are the first of the guy friends I have to take their shirt off at a cottage or by a pool. They take pride in their decision to do it and don’t let their money go to waste. Think Mark Wahlberg in Date Night – The men who manscape have a confidence that doesn’t even let us wonder or worry about whether or not they shaved, waxer or both and they get noticed by both women and men, the women with eyes of lust, the men with eyes of jealousy.

Does your man manscape?

Below are images of some of our favourite golden guys. Take your pick. Do you prefer a hairy homey honey or a bare bonded babe?


One thought on “Manscaping

  1. I'm a guy, but I have a girlfriend that prefers me to be "manscaped" and she's actually helping out whenever I'm shaving/waxing. I'm not concerned whether other men find me "gay" or not, it's not for them I'm trying to look attractive for, but my girlfriend. We both prefer me to have as little hair as possible, as that's more suited to my body style.

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