Just in Time

Have you ever dated a ‘time guy’? The kind of guy who is so concerned about how long something is going to take, and is always preoccupied with time, that he ends up letting it pass him (and in turn you) by? The time guy is someone who genuinely wants to be responsible and conscientious of his sixteen waking hours, but because of that, he spends most of his time talking about time. Think Robert De Niro’s character Jack Byrnes in ‘Meet the Parents’. Parents’(“Everyone come get your revised itinerarys,” Jack says as he hands his family a detailed piece of paper at where they must be at each hour, as the audience laughs in the over-the-top humour of how disciplined he’s trying to be.) He is so concerned about sticking to a set schedule that he can’t ever enjoy a moment.

The time guy is the kind of guy that guesstimates how long it will take to get to and from a place, he’ll calculate the number of minutes it will take to eat a meal/watch a movie/spend quality time together/fall asleep, etc. but his flaw is that his guesstimations are never on point. He is so worried about it that he adds extra time for his procrastination, the inevitable oxymoron, as the time guy is often running late. For the hour or so a day he spends trying to organize his time, another hour goes wasted. Tick, tock.

What the time guy always fails to realize is that all the time he takes about talking about time, could be used to enjoy the time instead. In a day in age where everyone is always in a rush to get to somewhere (work, meetings, dates, appointments) there has now been an abundance of time guys. Lucky us. It is their women vs. a clock, in a fight against time.

When the time guy makes time for his girl, he doesn’t even enjoy the moment because he’s too concerned about the next step, the next thing to do, the next place to be. He looks up at the clock multiple times and this action and his adjoining thoughts therefore cause him to miss out on the present, which is a shame since it is our only known. My name is Jenny Jen and I have dated a timeaholic.

Making Time; A Blondes Training Guide to the Truths of Time

Text Messaging/Pinning – It takes a minute to send a text or a pin. The time guy says it doesn’t take a minute, because he takes into account that there will be back and forth banter, which of course there always is. So take control of the time at hand.

So how do we let someone know we are there or care, without losing track of time? Send a picture or a cute message. Think something like ‘Can’t talk, but thinking of you xo.’ Straight, to the point, shows caring, but saves you from having to respond to the next message that returns. You look like the hero and save yourself from more than a quick minute. See picture below for another way to send your message across, this is from my archives when I was away for work and wanted to do the above, without the time to do a full blown catch up.

Skype – Skype is the answer to time constraints. Don’t have time for a date but feel like a total bitch for bailing again? A Skype call with your man gives you the face-to-face time without having to take the time to commute to see one another. You get the luxury of seeing each other and shows an extra effort. A Skype account is free and easy to use.

Take off your Watch – Yes, I said the impossible. And I meant it. We spend so much time worrying about how we wasted time in the past, concern ourself with planning time for the future, that we don’t take time to enjoy the moment. Reward yourself, even if you think you don’t deserve it.

Like my boy Lennon always said, “Time you enjoy wasting wasn’t wasted.”

– Jenny Jen


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