How to Pack for a Cottage

The long weekend is just around the corner, which often means trips up to cottages and summer houses. This is the starter weekend to the summer – and I have no doubt you can’t wait. With most people bolting out of work at 5pm tomorrow to go straight to their destination of choice, chances are you’re packing your Louis duffles tonight.

Here is a list of what every blonde, bronzed, twentysomething should pack for a cottage weekend:

1) Hunter Rain Boots – May 24 weekend is notorious for rain. Keep a pair of these hot little rainboots handy so the weather doesn’t ruin your fun. With boots like this, you almost hope it rains so you can get some wear out of them. Perfect cottage outfit if it rains: Black American Apparel leggings, long bright coloured American Apparel tank and a zip up hoody. The hood will protect your blonde lockes from the rain, and if the sun comes out you’ve got a tank underneath.

2) Must have Munchies – The number one thing people tend to do at a cottage is eat (drinking comes in a super close second). The days seem to be based around the meals and snacks of the day, and though cottage food and bbq’s seem to be plentiful, it’s always good to come prepared with some of your favourite snacks. That way, when craving kicks in, you don’t go all crazy/bitchy/moody chick on your friends. Especially since you’re all trapped in such close corridors. Think 100 calorie snack packs and sugar free redbulls.

3) A razor – Don’t be caught with any stubble. This is your first opp this season to show some leg, don’t ruin your chance.

4) Chargers – Sure you’re away in a secluded place but we don’t live in the old days honey. It’s 2010 after all, so as long as there’s power wherever you’re heading, feel free to bring you laptop, blackberry or iPhone, camera, and all your little gadgets and the appropriate charges so your in-the-know-self doesn’t miss a beat.

5) A gift for the host – You can’t arrive somewhere empty handed. I don’t care how insistent the host is about telling you not to bring anything, rule of thumb is you must bring something. The typical present-for-someone-hosting-a-cottage-weekend is wine, alcohol, meats and bagels. Try to tip away from the norm. Think; A box of freezies (you can buy them unfrozen then freeze when you get there. Use your creativity for what would be a good present, but won’t be the same being brought by others. We’re blondes after all.

Hope you all have a safe and relaxing long weekend! What are your long weekend plans?

– Jenny Jen


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