An Elevator Ride

Do you hop in the elevator and let out a sigh of relief when you see no one else is in it? Well toots, you’re not alone. I bet you you’re also the type who see’s someone running towards the elevator and you casually hit the ‘close’ button at least five times, praying the door will close before the person gets to it. Let’s face it, elevator rides are as awkward as they get.

You’re in a small space, with nowhere to go, and you are pretty much forced to avoid eye contact. But as you are standing there, cell phone in hand, trying to distract yourself you wonder ‘Where do I look?’ as you look up at the number listing of which floor you are on, and then back at your cell phone, and then back at the number to see (once again what floor you are now on). What we never seem to realize is the other person in the elevator feels the exact same way.

With condos being the hottest piece of real estate these days, and us twentysomethings choosing similar ‘it’ buildings, we are bound to run into frenemies who live in the same building (an experience uncomfortable in itself) let alone stuck in an enclosed space with another 32 floors to go.

Yet being in the elevator with a stranger isn’t much better. Sometimes we feel like we need to make convo (girl is holding a yoga mat, you ask ‘Oh, is there a yoga studio around here?’) If we don’t make/force convo we feel like we’re bad people, so we go out of our way to look distracted. It’s an interesting concept, but people’s personalities really shine in elevator rides. We’ve all run into a ‘class clown’ type in an elevator; the kind of guy who needs to make some sort of comment about something. Then there is the oh-so concerned what you’re thinking kind of guy who asks the time at the beginning of the elevator ride, only to be stuck in dead silence for the rest.

So that leads us to your specific elevator ride experiences. What has been your worst? Have you had the following experience in an elevator:

– you’ve gone up a bunch of floors with another person in complete in utter silence, only for them to get off on their destination floor to say ‘Have a good day’
– you’ve been in an elevator with someone who makes small talk you’d rather just avoid
– you’re in the elevator with a new man and you run into your ex’s sibling or friend or ex themselves (a la Miranda Hobbes in season six of Sex and the City when her and Steve have to go through worlds most awkward elevator ride with Dr. Robert Leeds, the man Miranda left for Steve)
– you’ve been in the elevator where a child presses all the buttons and you’re forced to stop on every floor
– you’ve been in an elevator with a boss or work associate and therefore forced to make conversation
– you’ve been making out with your man in the elevator only for the doors to open at an unexpected stop
– you’ve been in an elevator with another couple who are bickering at each other

Whether you’ve experienced the worst of the worst in elevators or have gotten through the heat of the unbearable tension, there is no doubt that elevator rides and the thought of them leave a chill. Unless you have one in the safety of your own home, in which case my friends, I salute you.

– Jenny Jen


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