People who Wear their Sunglasses Indoors

You read the title; you think Jack Nicholson. Yet somehow, he get’s away with it without flaw. Sitting court side at the Lakeshow, or at the fashion show of hollywood (Academy Awards.) Oh Jack, why can’t we work our eyewear as suave as you?

Though we are no Jack, we still try to get away with the un-getawayable. There are a handful of us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings who wear our sunglasses indoors, and though strangers look at us thinking we are a handful, we know just why we do it, and stick true to our guns.

Here is a list of why we wear our sunglasses indoors:

– we still have our eye makeup on from last night
– the blinds are open wherever we are and we are preventing ourselves from squinting
– we are about to break up with someone and want to avoid eye contact
– we love our sunglasses oh-so-much and want them to be seen on as much as possible
– we want to get away with checking out other people and want to avoid getting caught
– we just finished a splash-bash tear fest and our eyes should and must be shielded at all costs
– we think no one will recognize us if we hide behind our shades, so wear them as a means to avoid run-ins (though let me remind you all that this is a myth, you can run but you can’t hide)
– we’re high and sunglasses are more pleasant than visine
– we want to create the same appeal that Jack does so flawlessly
– we don’t realize it’s not even sunny (aka. wake up, brush teeth, put on clothes and sunglasses, begin day)
– we don’t want to forget them on the table (been their done that), or put them in our purse (hello, they’ll break) so we wear them to avoid losing our precious little accessory
– they match our outfit

Did I miss something? Why do you wear your sunglasses when it’s overcast, evening or you’re indoors?

After taking the same pic over and over, and my eyes being closed in each and every pic, I put on my sunglasses to avoid the blinding flashes of the camera. Either that or I liked how they matched the brown floral print of my dress, sigh.

– Jenny Jen


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