Men Who See Chick Flicks

Consider yourself one very lucky girl if your man is willing to see a chick flick with you. Love it. Appreciate it. And never let him go.

The men who are willing to see chick flicks with us are the same men who can pull off a pink shirt. They are also the same men who take a sneak peak at your Cosmo magazine (and read Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething), hoping to get an insider tip on how the female psyche works. They don’t complain when you have ‘Sex and the City’ gracing your flatscreen (even though you’ve been marathoning it for the past four years). Nor are they concerned about what other people think of them. They are the men that have the confidence to be seen in a fully-female ridden theatre, so long as they have you by their side (awww.)

Let’s face it, chick flicks aren’t just for chicks. They are romantic comedy’s always staring good looking leads and are comprised with humour, innuendoes and a lovely life lesson to be learned. Both the sexes can watch these films and relate to them, and us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings aren’t the only one who try to fight back tears.

So why do chick flicks and the men that watch them get such a bad rap?

Myth #1: He isn’t tough

The men who refuse to watch a chick flick with you are the men who are trying too hard to send off the tough guy impression. Look right through him. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect your man to rant and rave to his buddies how much he loved when so-and-so and so-and-so got together at the end, and I don’t blame the poor soul if he doesn’t even tell his buddies he saw the chick flick at all. Just by going with you, it says enough.

The alpha male has been taught that the sappy/romantic/lovey dovey man is not a man at all. He is mocked by his friends. Perhaps even by his parents and siblings. But this is very much so a myth. Watching a particular genre whether it be once or multiple times, doesn’t define a person.

Myth #2: He’s whipped

The sad part about this myth, is he actually saw the previews and wanted to go. The story line spoke to him, he has an itty-bitty crush on the lead actress and he thinks the lead actor is cool as hell and would love to learn his tricks of the trade. Now I’m not saying you haven’t been asking him, no – correction, begging him – to come to this movie for days. And maybe just maybe you threw in a tit-for-tat ‘I’ll see Iron Man II with you if you see Backup Plan with me’ in their, but men seem to think that the second they admit to the movie theatre cash register person that they are yes buying two tickets to Backup Plan, that is automatically putting himself out their to be judged, that his girlfriend (that’s you honey) is the one that calls the shots. He also thinks that if he says yes to this, then that is opening up a can of worms for him to say yes to your other demands and sooner than later he will be sitting next to you with cucumbers resting on his eye lids talking about feelings and the latest ‘Gossip Girl’ episode.

If you’ve sat in a theatre with your girls, all of you staring the hand-holding couple down but a few rows ahead, don’t let your minds wander too much. You don’t know the fight she had to put up prior to their arrival. Oh and if your man still seems hesitant about seeing a chick flick with you, have no shame leaving this post on your computer screen.

Happy watching!

– Jenny Jen

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