Overstaying One’s Welcome

You’ve got the day to waste (lucky you). You grab a book (yes, sure your Macbook Pro counts…sorta) and head over to your special spot. Mine; a cafe (and I have a roster of charming cafe’s I work through just to keep myself on my toes.) So you get to your place of choice and escape into a world outside the one in your present surroundings. As you read, or write, and snack on whatever you got, time flies and passes you by. You see people come and go, yet there you are, your blonde self still sitting, doing what you do.

Now the question that begs to be asked, is how long is too long to stay at a place? If we just purchase one pot of tea, and stay for a couple hours, are we overstaying our welcome? Do we need to keep purchasing various items on the menu just to hold our spot? And furthermore, does anyone really notice or care anyways?

Now let’s broaden our mind, outside of the realm of the cafe. There are many areas in life that allow us the opportunity to overstay our welcome. To say to ourselves (or our awaiting friends) ‘Ten more minutes!’ Question is, have you overstayed your welcome? Not so sure? Read on:

Dinner Parties

– You’re invited to a dinner party. You drink, you eat and we are told it’s bad manners to run. So we sit, and chat, and maybe drink some more. We are so worried about our manners (and so not in the mood to go home and call it a night) that we fall prey to overstaying our welcome, and poor hostess-with-the-mostest doesn’t want to look like a bitch, so girl doesn’t say a word. She just sits, and nods and prays for the love of god that you get up and go.

Tips for not overstaying your welcome at a dinner party: Think of swimming. When you were a kid you heard the old wives tale of waiting half hour after eating for your food to digest before you hop into the pool. Right flipper? So do the same with dinner parties. Wait half hour until after dessert, and then you are game (and encouraged) to head out. I don’t care if you have no where to go. Say thank you, do the double sided kiss, and get out of there.

The Morning After

– Remember the character in ‘Wedding Crashers’ played by Isla Fisher? As cute as she is under normal circumstances, you no doubt were embarassed for her in the film when she wouldn’t leave the character played by Vince Vaughn’s side. You likely looked away (as if some gory scene was on the screen) and got the shivers, knowing how bad she looks. Well easy to judge others but not so easy to see it in ourselves. Sorry to break it to you girlfriend, but if you spend the night in a bed that is not your own, and the person in the bed next to you is not your boyfriend/fiance/husband, then get out of there. I know what you’re thinking ‘But we connected so much. There’s so much chemistry between us. We can spend the day together, and have breakfast together, and…’ NO! Stop right there.

Tips for not overstay your welcome the morning after: Pack up your stuff (and your dignity), throw on your clothes from last night, call yourself a cab and get out. Please, don’t make him ask you to leave. Your friends are a phone call away to meet you for a morning after catch up, trust me – they want it. Overstaying your welcome the morning after is unnecessary. Give it some space. If he’s into you, he will come to you. If he doesn’t, his loss and a good thing you didn’t lose a few hours out of your day for this obviously stupid guy anyways.

Public Places (ie: Restaurants, cafes and/or coffee shops)

– Well firstly, good for you for getting out of the house my ambitious little reader. Now I don’t want to discourage you from going to public places, I just want to make you more concious of your surroundings.

Tips on how to know if you are overstaying your welcome in a public place:

1) All the chairs are stacked around you.

2) The lights are completely on (and they were dim the whole time you were at said place).

3) The music has stopped.

4) The doors of the place you are at have been locked, and the cashier/waitress/owner/worker there tells you to let them know when you want to leave so they can unlock the door for you.

5) You see the people who work at the establishment that you are at counting the til (counting the money made for the day, a sure sign my friend, that they are very, very much so closed).

6) If they are handing out left over food since they don’t want to throw it out and waste it. This means no explaining. Go ahead, take the free we-can’t-serve-it-tomorrow-because-it’s-been-out-all-day food, and leave.

I don’t care if you are encouraged to stay ‘Oh no, it’s not a problem, take your time’. It is a problem. Don’t take your time. You are overstaying your welcome.

– Jenny Jen


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