It’s an Illusion

A friend of mine just came back from vacation with her father. Now when you have a bikini-clad, blonde, bronzed, twentysomething on a beautiful beach with an older man (who keeps paying for the drinks, snacks and meals) it’s pretty much second nature these days to assume this bitch is a gold-digger and the man is sugar daddying his way into looking desirable. My friend confessed that she called him dad way more than usual just so people didn’t get the wrong idea.

Have you ever been in her shoes? Whether it be out for a dinner or on vacation with your dad, do you feel like you are getting judgemental looks from others for all of the wrong reasons?

As soon as my sun-goddess friend told me she was going away with her dad, I immediately thought of the movie ‘My Father the Hero.’ This classic 90’s film staring Gérard Depardieu and a young Katherine Heigl, about a teen who goes to the Bahama’s with her divorced father, and the other vacationers think that he is her lover. There is an infamous scene in the film where Depardieu plays ‘Thank Heaven for Little Girls’ on the resorts’ piano, unbeknownst to him, to the disgust of others.

Now, there is also the chance that you aren’t with your dad and that you are in fact out with your much older lover, but in any case, it will keep people talking.

– Jenny Jen


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