Done are the days of looking forward to fancy dinners in a great, trendy atmosphere and on are the days of looking forward to early morning wake ups, just to make it to brunch. Brunching is the new in. Restaurants that used to open there doors only at 5pm and onwards, are now inviting us in bright in early, to start our morning with what has become the best meal of the day. By far. And things don’t look as bad as you’d think with the lights on.

The drastic change has come where we no longer look forward to a night out on the town, because instead we are in anticipation of our weekend mornings. Like Saturday morning cartoons were for us in the late 80’s, Saturday morning brunch is to us now. Throw on anything from a pair of ripped J Brand skinny jeans and an American Apparel tee, or even a little jersey dress with a pair of Chanel quilted flats, and head on over to wait in line at the restaurant of choice.

Yesterday I danced in the rain (thank you Hunter boots for making me look forward to wet, muggy days) on my way over to a brunch hot-spot to meet a fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething I used to work at a PR agency with.

We set a brunch date, instead of our typical fancy 9pm dinner date, so we could enjoy a meal with a side of a juicy catch-up without having to talk over a rowdy crowd and nod-pretending we can actually hear one another. With brunch comes all the luxuries of a dinner: a delicious meal, a great atmosphere, bustling tables, yet brunch offers a sense of calm and serenity that dinner never could. Oh and you’re spending a fraction of the price, since meals are generally around $10 – $12. And yes, brunch is a meal where drinking is acceptable, and there always seem to be the most fun drink selections.

We both arrived to restaurant (Lola’s Commissary, 634 Church St. for my Toronto readers) at the same time and we were seated immediately (one of the few brunch places that actually take reservations). We sat down at our table and marvelled over the exposed-brick walls, the dark, mystical artwork and the little shot glass on our table with a sole daisy inside. The place was the epitome of the edgy but trendy feel that has become so 2010, and we felt just at home, as if – if they dimmed the lights and played some St. Germain – we’d be in the perfect bar-type environment.

We were given sweet nothings to snack on to tide-us-over as we read the menu. These sweet nothings were reminiscent of granola bites but with flavour and taste you would never expect, and it was after the first bite that I knew what would come would be a meal to remember. I eyed the menu and was pleased to see vegan options and healthier selections. We chatted over an egg-white frittatta for her and an eggs benedict for me (with a side soy salad). I was in bliss, a feeling i’ve come to expect every Saturday and Sunday morning

The place we went to was very us. To find a place very you, I recommend searching for brunch places in your city and checking out menu’s and images before you go. Most cities have a brunch guide, which can fill you in on the latest and greatest brunches at a restaurant nearest you.

Bon appétit!

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “Brunching

  1. Had a blast – glad we found such a cute little place to catch up.Can't wait to do it again…as long as it's after noon. After all, a girl still needs her beauty sleep!Erin xo

  2. Greetings Jen! Found my way here via your fellow blonde, bronzed, twentysomething. Nice blog!Anyways I'm all for brunch over dinners these days too. I had brunch last Sat at a friend's place, and we cooked up a storm together. It was such a great way to start the day!

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