Last Name Game

Though many of us wouldn’t admit it, most of us twentysomethings can’t resist imagining what our married name will become. We start dating a guy and we immediately run his last name after our first names to see how it sounds. Creepy, maybe. Do we tell our man that we do this, absolutely not. And although we aren’t running to the alter anytime soon (if at all) we still play around with what our potential names may become.

Have you ever written off a guy because he has a terrible last name? Does the guy you’re seeing now have a last name that rhymes with your first name? Do you find yourself wondering what your last name may turn out to be? Well ladies, you are not alone.

I distinctly remember a conversation in my teens with a good friend of mine, about our hopes for our potential last names. I’ve also heard some classic first name/last name combos. The media had a frenzy when Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz got hot and heavy. The idea of Penelope marrying in to the same last name as her maiden name was the talk of the town.

My parents have a friend named Cookie who married a man with the last name ‘Baker,’ my great aunt Rose married someone whose last name was ‘Rose’. There are interesting combo’s to be had some for the better, and some for the worse.

My first boyfriends last name was the same as one of the top porn stars (who I just so happen to share the same first name with) so that would’ve been disastrous – and would’ve probably made me lose my journalist credibility (google search, anyont?) Then my next serious boyfriend had a sister who shared my first name, so if ex and I wed, there would’ve been two of us. Weirdly enough, he slept with a blanket with her name tag ironed on to it (likely a hand me down) and I remember thinking how bizarre it was to fall asleep every night in bed with my potential name on it.

The Last Name Game is a harmless little game us ladies-in-lust play. Picture Drew Barrymore’s character Julia Sullivan in ‘The Wedding Singer’. She stands in front of the mirror the night prior to her wedding to Glenn Gulia and first says her name Julia Sullivan, full of confidence. Then she says “Nice to meet you. I’m Julia Gulia.” She starts to sob at the sound of this ridiculously, rhyming name.

Robbie: I don’t even know your last name.
Glenn: It’s Guglia.
Robbie: Guglia? Oh, so Julia’s last name’s gonna be Guglia. Julia Guglia! That’s funny!
Glenn: [unamused] Why is that funny?
Robbie: I – don’t know

So my single friends, go ahead, play the Last Name Game, joke around with your friends, but final words of wisdom: lets keep this little game from our men.

– Jenny Jen


2 thoughts on “Last Name Game

  1. how about keeping your name as it is? My future partner, husband, life mate – whatever, better have a pretty damn good last name for me to change mine. Yes, it may be the feminist inside me that says "Im not your property", but for those less inclined for a dose of feminism, if you have a great name, why tamper with perfection?

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