The Photo Op

The camera seems to be the hottest accessory for Spring 2010. We struggle to pack it in our tiny, little clutches before heading for a night out, but it’s well worth the struggle. We go to bars and hang onto it tighter than our drinks, and we click the flash button each and every moment without missing a beat. Look through your pictures and you’re certain to see a play by play of the events that took place.

I am no different. I’m a fan of my camera and am a sucker for a good photo op. I know a good picture when I see one, and I love the notion of capturing a moment. Whether it be over brunch with friends, or a night on the town, I hold my camera near and dear. Sure I have friends who complain in the moment ‘Really Jenny Jen?’ they ask giving me an oh-my-god-I-hope-this-girl-loses-her-camera kind of look. But the next day I am almost certain to get inquiries about where the pictures are and why they haven’t been posted yet (thank you Facebook and Flickr).

It’s come to the point where people – who we ask to take a quick shot of us blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings – now say ‘Say Facebook!’ (what ever happened to ‘cheese’?) Where people say ‘Please don’t post this on Facebook’ instead of ‘Delete that picture of me – I so don’t look hot’.

The camera is no longer a tool for a photographer but a tool allowing us to indulge in our egos. Perhaps we are all narcissists at heart. I sit at a dinner table and watch two twentysomethings have the waiter take a few shots of them, then they in turn take shots of one another. Pose with glass of water – click; Pose with plate of pasta – click; Smile with overpriced bill – click.

Yesterday when I was out celebrating a good friends birthday, I suddenly became aware of the flashes; the subject of a paparazzi induced state. The flashes started as we got into the cab and didn’t end – a result of digital cameras having exceedingly large memory cards – until the camera died.

And then there is the whole ‘What happened last night? I can’t remember’ syndrome I hear twentysomethings speak of. Movie’s (such as The Hangover) and TV shows (such as Cougar Town) present the camera as a tool to use to remember your evening. So pull out your little, silver digital cam from last nights purse, and entertain yourself.


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