‘That’ Call

You go to a bar. You meet a guy. You give him your number. You wait.

Every vibrate and/or ring that comes through your phone from there on in makes butterflies dance around in your stomach, and your reflexes work extra fast to read the message/pick up the call. It’s this idea of waiting, the anticipation, that makes us leech onto our Blackberry’s in pure stage-five-clinger style. And with every vibrate and/or ring that comes through, you grow sad that it isn’t from Him.

Now this same effect occurs every time we are ‘waiting’ for something. Whether it be a ‘goodnight’ call from the guy you just started seeing, to a post-interview call to find out whether or not you got the job (you go girl!) no matter the reason, we all have fallen prey (at one point or another) to falling asleep, Blackberry in hand after putting it on ‘loud’. We take our phones with us to the washroom, to the dinner table and if we could take it into the shower with us, I’m sure we would do just that. We also check our phone to see if for some reason – despite the fact that it hasn’t left our sight for a split second – we perhaps missed a call. Or maybe, just maybe, the phone service is down. Or maybe even the phone shut off randomly. We sit and we fantasize, creating stories to justify why the call hasn’t come in and we wait, and wait and wait on end.

Now after all your waiting, and obsessing, and wondering, the call suddenly comes in. Now what? I’ll tell you what: You spent so much time concerning yourself with it, creating standards that were so astonishingly high that the call of all calls never meets your expectations. Ever. So what is a girl to do?

Put your phone on silent. Let yourself live. If the call comes through, you can always call back, but at least you won’t be sitting around like a lost soul waiting on every sound or flash. Nothing like anxiously picking up a ringing phone to realize that it’s actually a call coming through to the person next to you (picture Curly Sue scene here). So put your phone down, step away from it. If the call doesn’t come through, you’ll feel better off that you didn’t put in all this effort, time and emotion.

Easier said than done, I know.


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