Dress Code In Effect

We – my friends – are clothing chameleons. Dependent on where we are going, who we are going with and what the occasion is, we sit at the end of our walk in closets’ in sheer frustration, our room behind us nothing short of a war zone. Getting dressed isn’t as easy as Cher makes it look in ‘Clueless’. There are so many things to take into account. Some things call for certain dress codes; work, weddings, and specific functions. Others like a bar or club present a certain style that most adhere to. For example, it is rare to find legs and bling at a go-to beer bar and all in the same, it is unlikely to find a phish-tshirt wearing, Birkenstock sporting get-up at a club. Since when did getting clothed before leaving the house become so difficult?

You know the game ‘who would you rather?’ where you are presented with two comparable males and you have to choose which you’d rather bed? Well here is a little clothing what would you rather, with an explanation on the way we are and how we ought to be when getting ready.

What would you rather, be overdressed or underdressed?

A friend of mine once invited me over to his house for drinks after a Friday night dinner. He said his mom was having some people over so we can take some booze from the open bar. This was about five years ago, which was the time Juicy suits were the be all and end all. So I put on my newest one (baby pink with the trademark Juicy written on the butt of the pants in a rich brown velour) and headed on over to his place. In I walked, to find the people that his mom had over were in typical-trendy milf type wear, and here I was underdressed to the nines. My vote on this one, I’d much rather be over dressed than underdressed.

Here are a couple common quirks that us blonde, bronzed, fashion-addicted twentysomethings do in regards to getting dressed for an event:

– We have the most perfect, hottest outfit in the whole wide world just hanging there in our closet (with the tag attached, of course) and though we could just cut it off and put the dress on, we instead leave it lonely and hanging, as we assure ourselves that there is a better event to wear it to. We are guilty of ‘saving’ our clothes, but in the end, they sit with a now-yellowed tag still on, out of style and good for the back of the closet where the passe pile lies.

– We call out fellow female accomplices that will be attending the event with us to check in and see what they are wearing so we are not overdressed/underdressed/scantily clad dressed when it isn’t even called for. Sure it seems smart, and I’m the first to admit that I’ve made that check-in call (Hey x, are you at y yet? What are people wearing? What’s the dress code?) But then, I wind up blending in and not getting to whip on that new fashion forward piece I’ve been dying to find any excuse to wear out.

Oh and before I sign off – there is nothing worse than going to an event to find yourself wearing the same outfit as someone else. Here are some images of some celeb types wearing the same outfit as another, the thing that makes the ‘Who Wore it Better’ features so desirable to us all:


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