Too Little, Too Late

There’s this scene in ‘Old School’ that is so reminiscent of a situation we have all been in. Finding out that the guy you had a crush on in high school just so happened to be crushing on you too. Too little, too late. So as you pull at your golden locks in frustration, realize there is a lesson to be had from this scenario: Speak up.

Rejection. No one likes it. We do what we can to avoid it at all costs, but it is actually costing us in return. Recently, I was chatting with a guy I went to high school with. We have become friends over the past few years but in high school our paths didn’t cross, per se. He was older and I just assumed I didn’t have a chance. Well that thing they tell you about assumptions, couldn’t be more right. This is why we need to stop assuming and start communicating. He had the guts now to tell me about the first time he saw me walk down the hallway at school, and that he developed a crush. But he assumed that he too wouldn’t have a chance. So the days went by where we both acted like we didn’t know one another, walking past each other in the halls, no acknowledgement, just another ant marching. But unbeknownst to us, we did very much so have a chance with one another. Too little, too late.

Have you ever had a crush on someone but didn’t approach them for fear of rejection? Well darling, your boy-of-choice just may be stalking your Facebook as we speak. So take that confidence that I know you have within, and use it for your own good. If boy isn’t interested, take the hint/read the signs, accept it and move forward knowing it’s his loss. And if you do speak up and put your precious-little-heart on your sleeve, he may just want to have it for the taking.

We are in our twentysomethings. We are not in high school any longer. These are the times where we can look back, see where we went wrong in the past as we withheld our true feelings and learn from our mistakes. Take the chance.

Why Now?

I sit and question why my friend shared his little secret with me now? Why is now different. The thing is, things are easier in past tense. We hide so much from our true feelings that we can only seem to approach them once we are over them or have come to terms with them.


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