Here’s My Card

You meet someone. You engage in banter. He smiles at you. You bat your eye lashes. Perhaps he is the one. Potential is there and all the cards are pointing to ‘let’s see each other soon.’ He pulls out his card, and reach into your over-sized Balenciaga and search for yours. An exchange is made. You get home and google him, the company he works for and then you sit and wait to hear from him…on your work phone number or via your work email. Interesting.

Why is it that we exchange cards when we meet someone else? Do you really want to build up the courage to call a guy, only to have a secretary pick up and you have to awkwardly describe who you are and where you are calling from ‘Ah – this is Jenny Jen from Blonde, bronzed, twentysomething’, I stutter. And do you really want a guy to pursue you while you have your power suit on and are in full work mode? There is nothing like the awkward everyone-can-hear-me conversations we have all learned to hate as we sit at our work desk. Oh and better yet, emails at offices are often tracked. Just what we need, our boss to know we met yet another man on a fun night out (a work night at that).

Jenny Jen meets man on night out, if only she had a card with key info

So therefore, we should only bust out our buisness cards at industry events when work is on the forefront, and when we go out out, we should have a personal card. This dream card should indicate the important stuff that allow you to pre-judge the new person and contact them in the most stress-free, non-threatening way possible.

The card should:

– have the person’s Facebook email (see you can go home immediately and do some ‘research’)
– their Blackberry PIN contact – nothing like some back and forth bbm-ing to get the conversation ball rolling
– their cell number. Let’s face it. We do not want to call them at their office nor do we want to call them on their home line just so we can here the judging tone in their mothers voice.

These days, this is simply all we need to get the show on the road. So put those business cards down, go to the nearest printing house and make a social butterfly card for your pretty little self!


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