A Simple Review

Your eyes are entertaining your mind in a simple review of the ‘movie’ genre. A chick flick review if you will. Tonight I sat face to face with my life. I watched it play out in a Hollywood movie and am assured all of you who are graced with this film will be confronted with the same. Think High Fidelity and Swingers, classic movies about getting over past relationships and gaining the strength to move on – not into another relationship per se, but to a fuller, more complete you. With that you that is ‘actually you’ and not a ‘watered-down you’ comes an independence and strength that draws others in. Welcome to 500 Day’s of Summer. Now pop some fat-free pseudo-buttered popcorn and then come on back to your laptop to read your biography.

This film. Realistic. Hard hitting. It begins with ‘it’s over’ and it ends with the inevitable closure that only time allows. We relate. We bond. We revisit powerful feelings we thought were only exclusive to us. Hatred when forced with acceptance comes pushed down our throat, and boy do we ever choke. We can only spit out unfortunate, egotistical disgust that we are not The One whom they want us to be. We drown in our own tears and inability to understand how this came to be. How something that started so enchanting and unbeknownst to us can just be ripped out of our chests, and no longer be ours. Sound familiar? Read on.

Insert your face here

Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) falls for Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel), and we are taken through their relationship over the course of 500 days. Hence, 500 Days of Summer. The exquisite and unique editing allows us to jolt from day 10 to 355, back to 150 as we begin to witness the honeymoon phase and the contrasting tell tale signs that it is so obviously over. That no one wants to admit it. As I sit and watch what each days entail, I calculate the number of months the days equal. I revisit. To bond with another is to feel whole. To lose another is to feel lost. The negative and positive emotions that surround the various stages are so real, so understandable. And only time makes them all make sense.

Reality vs. Expectation – I can guarantee you all that this will get us every time if we don’t smarten up. You meet a boy, and already you create an idea in your head. This idea is your downfall. This idea is called expectations. When these expectations (which can be unrealistic might I add) are unmet, we lose a part of ourselves. We lose faith. We lose hope. We become disappointed and then in turn start to question our own expectations. We feel hurt because what we played out in our heads so many times just didn’t find room for us.

In a reality vs. expectations scene in the movie played out on a screen divided in half, we are faced with our common fault. I watched this movie in awe of the writer who wrote its’ ability to be so honest with not only themself but with us. The screenwriter puts a mirror on our tv screen for two hours. Allow yourself to see your true reflections.

– Jenny Jen


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