Coffee Talk

For those of us who don’t even drink coffee, the coffee talk is still the go-to source for us twentysomethings to release our gossip, pent up stresses and all around angst. The coffee talk is like a modern day confessional, but the person listening on the other side just so happens to be one of your closest friends and she just so happens to be wearing a very un-preistlike outfit. When a friend asks you to meet her for coffee, you basically were just told that she’s about to drop a bombshell on you. This simple question opens a can of worms and upon hearing it you just know she wants to unleash and let it all out. And if you asked her, all the better. Let the games begin!

This morning, I went for coffee with a former blonde, bronzed, twentysomething and what occurred at our coffee shop of choice was a too-juicy-for-before-noon conversation, with myself on the receiving end. And I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. Coffee talk is always comforting. You’re in an at-ease kind of setting and you feel great knowing you can be there for a friend. In todays situation, it was the typical I-haven’t-seen-you-in-six-months-(or so) kind of catching-up conversation as to be expected. I just love that. Speaking to someone as if you just saw them yesterday, getting a Cole’s Notes version of their life.

I always find it interesting what people choose to talk about during the catch-up conversation. Does their subject of conversation say more about them or more about me? If they were to give a summary of their recent happenings to another friend, would they edit out certain aspects that they leave in with me or vice versa? This makes me wonder, do we change or highlight certain aspects of ourself to act as a chameleon with certain friends?

When we were selecting our seats this morning, I picked a cozy both for us to sit our America Apparel, legging-clad asses on (classic Saturday attire, no?), but my friend immediately rejected my obvious choice. She looked at me like I just committed a sin and while pointing at an elusive table said ‘Let’s sit here instead so I can say what I really want.’ Point taken.

The coffee talk is a timeless route for twentysomething and fortysomethings alike to let words float off our tongues. People walk in and out of these unassuming cafes minute after minute, day after day, going in with discomfort and walking out at ease. We share our secrets here, we advise here, we have a treat and some sips here, but most of all, we bond here.

If you’re yearning to catch up with an MIA compadre, go ahead, make the phone call and meet a friend for some coffee talk. Boy – if the Starbucks walls could talk….

– Jenny Jen


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