Piece of Mind

Welcome to the world of having to remember to do one specific thing at one very specific time of the day, for 21 days straight, with only a week off. But though we dislike it for other reasons, the first day of the week off is a day for celebration. I’m always humoured when I get the expected pins and/or phone calls from my friends as they share their enthusiasm, comfort and calmness that comes with its arrival. What can I be talking about, you may be asking yourself? Well you tell me little lady. What is the one thing that occurs once every, oh, lets say, 28 days or so? Something that makes you breath in a sigh of relief and makes you alert the presses that all is ok in the world?

Yes, that’s right. Your period has arrived. Now you can rest your pretty little head, that is, until next month!

The day we are expecting it to arrive, I find whether we are on the pill or not, us girls are anxious each and every time we go to the washroom until it comes. No matter how safe you are, it is as if we are trained to not take any precautions for granted. I recently got a text from a girlfriend telling me that rest assured, there are no baby (insert last name of boy she’s seeing her) on the way. I sent her a thumbs up. A shred of doubt comes with the 99.9% chance that comes with the birth control pill. We always think that we are going to be that .1%. Funny the way it is.

Now when we aren’t anxious or concerned about a possible pregnancy in our cards, there is the whole skipping of the pill fiasco we seem to find comfort in on vacations, when we have a black-tie function and even, oh, let’s say anniversaries. We seem to be in an era that has grown to depend on the skipping-of-the-period technique. All it takes is continuing to take your pill pack once it is finished. So instead of taking 21 pills for 21 days straight and then taking off a full week, you take 28 pills for a 28 day period in order to avoid the former. Then continue through the next pack.

Have you ever purposely skipped your period? If so, what was your reasoning? I’ve had friends skip their periods to keep the opportunity to hook up open in the early stages with a dreamy partner and I’ve had friends skip their periods because they had their partner coming in from out of town. Some friends have to wear a white dress to an event and are scared of possible leakage that they avoid it altogether. I’ve heard some reasonable reasoning and on the contrary, i’ve heard some are-you-kidding-me-blondie reasoning. Either way, though it seems like a good idea at the time, be ready for some negative side effects.

Since you are putting a mass amount of hormones in your body, you are completely messing with your system. Expect to get cramps, spotting, and a heavier way more painful period the next time around. It seems like a good call and empowering to know you can control the day it will come (or not come for that matter) but try not to make it a habit. It’s a natural process and happens for a reason.


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