Go Canada Go

The ice glistens
It has just been cleaned
Wiping away the past
Preparing for the future
It solidly awaits the arrival
Twelve men, one motive

Only 5.5 ounces in weight, black in colour
It drops
Displaying the destiny of our country

Competition drips down their foreheads
Forming in precise, hopeful drops
Faster then their racing hearts,
Is the flow of their sharp blades
Zooming along the ice
Creating a soft, carving sound
Seldom heard over the cheering crowd
Who are as into the game
As the men on ice

Racing towards the puck, stick in hand
His job, reputation and country on the line
As his life flashes before his eyes
The puck is shot towards the net
Four men run toward him
Embracing in defeat

The crowd is overcome
Feeling championship in its purest sense
A goal fifty years in the making

The above was written in March 2002

– Jenny Jen


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