Confessions of a Soup Addict

‘Kill me now,’ I think as I pay way too much attention to my way too hurting throat. I’ve taken cough candies, tea, chicken soup, popsicles and advils (on occasion), with a side of sleep, and still, I feel just as viciously horrible as I did before I followed these ‘old wives tales’ orders of curing my pain. ‘Poor me,’ you think. And boy, do I conquer. Because although I try and find a quick fix, I know I have a good 5-7 days of having to put up with this. Oh, and that pinkishy i-don’t-think-a-kleenex-convention-has-used-this-many-kleenex’s-nose to boot. How sexy.

So aside from kvetching and whining (in a very unpleasant, almost scary, hoarse voice) I lay in bed and beg and plead to anyone that will listen to please help me feel better. I even logged onto my Facebook page and updated my status requesting Matzo Ball Soup and TLC to be had. I wanted it, I needed it. I went through an immense amount of my soup of choice in not so an immense of a time period (mere hours) and I got my dose of TLC and I still feel completely and utterly helpless.

My days of late tend to look as follows:

Wake up. Remember how sick I am. Feel bad for myself. Reach for the kettle currently placed on the night table to the right of my bed. Pour hot water in mug. Lay in bed. Get up and heat up chicken soup. Go back into bed. Ask someone else to heat up another bowl of soup. Finish it savouring each sip as if I were tasting the most amazing flavours known to man. Rest. Get all the way out of bed (the horror!) to heat up more soup. Realize it’s done and get mad that the person who gave me my last bowl for not forewarning me it was my last. Google soup delivery. Wait by door in anticipation. Sleep. Repeat.

Not sure how healthy this new addiction of mine is, however, when I asked my doctor what I can take to ease my symptoms, she advised ‘Matzo Ball Soup.’

Feeling as under-the-snowy-weather as I? Here is a list of the top 5 soups in the city:

5) Pusateri’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. This soup is perfect for the bedridden girl, who wants to head to the supermarket, grab a soup on the go and head straight home to heat it up and crash. It comes in a glass jar and can be easily stored in your fridge. The soup is a bit thick, which means you’ll definitely feel full after a bowl.

4) Studio Cafe’s Sweet Onion Soup. Complete with chives and gruyere crouton, this soup lives up to the restaurant’s five star rep, which is homed in the Four Seasons.

3) Barbarian’s Frech Onion Soup. The steakhouse is no stranger to heavy on the flavour taste. This soup – though heavy – is as classic as they come, with thick mozzarella covering the bowl, you may not have any room for your medium-rare filet mignon.

2) Pickle Barrel’s Matzo Ball Soup. With larger-than-life sized matzo balls, and that homemade chickeny flavour, it’s no wonder this soup made it to number two.

1) Your bubbies Chicken Soup with Homemade Matzo Balls. If you just so happen to have a jewish grandmother who is still around, this will be – guaranteed – the best soup this city has to offer. So either get her to make you a whole pot (she’d be thrilled she could help in any way) or get her recipe and call in a favour to one of your besties. Oh and be sure to freeze any soup that you have left once said cold has been relieved. You can return the favour to your friend if the situation reverses.

Happy sniffling (insert eye roll and two coughs here).

– Jenny Jen


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