The Double Date

You’ve finally met the man you want to settle down with (lucky guy!) and you’re relieved that you are no longer in the dating pool. You think back in your very distant memory, as you play a montage of all the first dates you’ve overcome in your lifetime. You can’t help but laugh at a few; the awkward silences, the ill-advised jokes, the reaching for the bill and pseudo-arguing about who pays for it, the over-the-top ‘dress to impress’ outfits, and the sitting by the phone waiting for it to buzz/ring (even after a sub-par date) in hopes of some ego boosting. Well stress no more now that you’re as happy as can be in your love nest with Mr. New Guy. You breath in a sigh of relief, knowing you’ll never have to endure another first date again, and can file that reel away in the archives. Or so you thought.

‘So and so is dying to meet you’ he says enthusiastically as he lists the names of all his conveniently coupled-off friends. Suddenly, you are stricken with the horror as you can’t help but relate this idea of meeting of the friends to yet another first date. There are just too many similarities to ignore: You want them to like you and think you’re pretty and funny and sweet and smell good. You want them to laugh at your jokes and be impressed by your knowledge and think you’re charming and just perfect for their friend. You want to have a killer outfit and a killer attitude, yet you can’t help but fear your insecurities, the grilling, judgements and after-double date reports, oh my!

As boyfriend is glowing with this new notion of showing you off, you are sitting in sheer deer-in-headlights fear. As you rack your brain on what to wear, what to say and how many drinks you’ll have to have before said date commences, he doesn’t even bat his eyelashes. Well worry not my blonde, bronzed, twentysomething rockstar. You will absolutely kill it so long as you act yourself, follow your instincts, and see this meet and greet as nothing more than an opportunity to bond with the people most important in your man’s life.

It’s common to worry in somewhat excitement/somewhat nervous anticipation for the date. The typical thing us ladies do is get the run down from our significant other on the couple we’re about to meet with. ‘What do they do? What are they like? Anything I should be aware of?’ It’s as if we are getting the rundown so we can prep our conversation starters in case the awkward silence comes about.


Once we get to the double date, it’s easy to tell off the bat whether there is any chemistry with the other couple. If there is, you’re in the clear. There’s nothing more reassuring then finishing up a first double date, and someone mentions extending the date and going to another venue for drinks and/or dessert. This is clear indication that you’re in my friend! Good work!


There is nothing more fulfilling then seeing your friends fall in love with your man. The first laugh that comes from the other couple in response to a joke your date made is equivalent to having just downed a glass of bubbly. It takes off the edge and is exhilarating at the same time, like all other firsts. So if you make his friends smile, it’s no different. Make your man proud!

Can I see you again?

With all the technology we have these days, the three day rule has gone in the gutter. Don’t be surprised if your man gets a text from the other party commenting on how the date went, requesting to do that again soon. Once again, a message like this means you’re as golden as your locks.

Here are some images of some of our favourite celebrities, who have hopped on the double dating bandwagon:


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