Why is He Not Psychic?

For the past few days, the obvious chatter on everyones pouty little lips has been ‘Valentines Day’. Valentines Day Topics:

– What do you plan on doing?/What did you do?
– Do you plan on giving a present?/What did you get?
– What are you doing to woo your Valentine/Were you wooed?

Most of us romance-chasing girls out there want our man to ‘just know’ what we want him to do for us. To just know. We like to think that he is so head-over-heels into us and pays attention to every-little-thing we say/do/hint, that he should just know exactly what to do to make us happy. The Just Know Clause is a very tricky clause, putting men across the nation, in the doghouse . The idea of the Just Know Clause alone conjures images of men having to sleep on the couch for the night. ‘No nookie for you, you un-psychic creature you,’ we think to ourselves, angry at his inability to read our minds.

Want to put this Just Know Clause to an end? Next time your partner-in-crime asks you what you want for Valentines Day/Birthday/Anniversary, consider having him enrol in a ‘How to Read Your Girlfriends Mind 101’ course. How perfect will that make every occasion after he learns the in’s and out’s of you?

Wouldn’t that be nice? A course like this would stop you from having to say ‘Nothing’s wrong’, when he asks you ‘What’s wrong, babe?’ when it is so very clear to him/everyone else/you that something is in fact wrong. It will also stop him from asking you another five times, each time with you respond ‘nothing’ making it so obvious you’re pissed at him and getting more pissed by the second since he isn’t reading your mind to know what the hell is wrong! Well my little drama queen, as much as you want him to read your mind/pull a Mel Gibson in ‘What Women Want,’ just think about how to train him to do just that.

Train him, yes, you read that right. Welcome to an adult relationship. You’re a twentysomething now, so instead of wishing he would just know, how about you take a big step in your thigh-high boots (so hot right now) and tell him how you really feel. Think about how happy you get when your man is happy. Wouldn’t you want him to tell you what makes him happy and the little things that would wow him. Now give the guy some credit babycakes because he likely wants to do the same from you.

So next time your knight and shining armour asks you what you want to do for Valentines Day/Birthday/Anniversary or just on a date night, think back to this blog and use that voice of yours to express honesty. Don’t take offence to him asking, instead embrace it knowing that his sole intention for asking is your happiness (cue the ‘awwww’.) Tell him what you have in mind and I sure as hell hope it’s not a trip to Paris for crepes or a fireworks display. Ladies it’s ok to dream a little, but let’s not let shows like The Bachelor and the stories we read about it romance novels (so what if I read them?) get to your head. At the end of the day, it’s the time you share that makes it special. But if you have special requests (like flowers, just saying…)be sure to just let him know. A night on the couch for him means no anything for you.

– Jenny Jen


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