Valentines Day

Welcome to a day where pink and red reign supreme. Where everything is heart shaped, including your pasta noodles. A day where love is in the air for us coupled up cuties, as we sit back and bask up this complete and utter happiness with our plus one. And as we are here doodling hearts on paper and glowing in valentines day galore, we catch – at the corner of our eye – a table of bitter blonde, bronzed, twentysomethings, polishing up yet another bottle, as they give us the evil eyes that say nothing but ‘i hate you.’

Love them or hate them, couples are everywhere on valentines day. Restaurants, bars and movie theatres are filled with partners holding hands and gazing lovingly at one another. Some people say ‘It’s just a Hallmark holiday,’ however I think it’s much more than that and question if people say it as a defence, when deep down they know they would love nothing more than to experience the day to its fullest.

Sure February 14th tends to be somewhat cliche. You get chocolates and flowers and perhaps perfume and/or jewellery. You go for a nice dinner and you hold hands and ogle at your partner just a little bit more than usual. But cliche isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s actually quite pleasant to go to a ‘go to’ Valentines day spot like – for us Torontonians – the CN Tower. It opens your love-stoned eyes and brings awareness that there are so many other couples out there who are just like us. Everyone exuberates this love buzzed radiance on this day…well, not everyone.

For my spicy little single readers out there, I haven’t forgotten about you. Don’t go pulling your beautiful, blonde hair out of frustration just yet. Sure, you can do the single cliche thing and sit in your pyjamas all day while eating yet another tub of Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, while watching a Sex in the City marathon and tearing up everytime you see Charlotte being all lovey dovey and traditional. But I just won’t allow it. So put that spoon down and wipe your mascara rimmed eyes and trade your Victoria Secret flannel’s for a push up bra and an LBD. Feeling suddenly motivated? Here are some things you can do to more than get by with your day. In fact, perhaps you may just be having more fun then the couples that make you sick to your stomach.

Valentines Day Potluck Dinner: Invite your friends for an impromptu potluck dinner. Since you don’t have a guy to wine you and dine you, take matters into your own hands. The good thing about the last minute dinner is that there will be no time for your friends to cook and they’ll have to get store bought items. Be sure to give everyone a category, so you don’t have 5 trays of hummus and pita. The kicker will be that everyone will have to wear red, pink, and white. There’s no reason to do an anti-valentines day thing and pretend you don’t like it. Instead, embrace it, get cheesy and be sure to tell a few people to make an LCBO run.

Bar Ho-fo-sho: Your hot single so soak it up toots! Grab a few of your fellow single babeilicious buddies together, get all dolled up and do a pub crawl. Bars and resto-lounges tend to offer a special girly drink on the menu on Valentines day. Have one of these drinks at each spot you go to. Think a ‘Valentini’ or a ‘Cupid’s kiss’ or if they don’t have these options, play up the valentines day theme and order one or all of the following shots: Sicilian Kiss (amaretto and southern comfort), Blow Job (Kahlua, Bailey’s, whipped cream topper), or a Slippery Nipple (White Zambuca, Bailey’s.)

Blissful Bubble Bath Babe: If the push-up bra and LBD isn’t for you, why not treat yourself to a relaxing bubble bath with some bubbly. I suggest a bubble bath such as ‘Calm One Calm All,’ by Soap and Glory. This relaxing bubble bath will allow you to soak in luxury and calm that pretty little mind of yours. This bubble path is light pink and acts as a moisturizer as well. As for bubbly, might I suggest ‘Pink,’ which is a $12 bottle you can find at an LCBO near you. Play some Bob Marley from your iPod and take the day to spoil yourself.

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a full blown girly girl. Yes I put a heart over my I’s and yes my room is pink and yes, my ice trays at home are x’s and o’s. So it must come us no surprise to you that yes, I absolutely, positively love love love valentines day. Cupid definitely hit me with his arrow when I was but a baby blonde and now in my twentysomethings I still find pleasure in this day. It just seems as though it’s the most positive, pleasant day. A day for love? What could be better? Chocolates, flowers and perfume, oh my! Whether I’ve been single or in a relationship I’ve always celebrated this day. So let’s not sulk in the corner. Let’s embrace this day and not fall into the category of people who stay in and go to bed early on New Years Eve, or those who don’t celebrate their birthday. Whether you spend today with your partner (lucky them!), your family or your friends, it’s a day to put on your rosy shade goggles and see the world in pretty-in-pink perfection.

Happy Valentines Day my little love bugs.

– Jenny Jen


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